Preview of Metro Board of Directors monthly meeting on Thursday, Feb. 25

The Metro Board of Directors meets Thursday, Feb. 25, for its regular monthly meeting. As has been the case since last spring, the meeting will be held virtually due to the ongoing pandemic.

The agenda is above or download a pdf here. This page also has links to all agenda items and will have a link to the livestream shortly before the meeting begins. A recording of the meeting will be archived if you want to view or listen at a later date.

To offer live public comment:

–You may join the call 5 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.
–Dial-in: 888-251-2949 and enter either the:
–English Access Code: 8231160# or
–Spanish Access Code: 4544724#
–To give public comment on an item, enter #2 (pound two) when that item is taken up by the Board. Please note that the live video feed lags about 30 seconds behind the actual meeting. There is no lag on the public comment dial-in line.
-You can email your comment by 5 p.m. today (Wednesday, Feb. 24) to
There’s a lot of interestingness on the agenda tomorrow and this will likely be a long meeting even by Metro Board standards. The Source recommends getting a good night’s sleep tonight, staying hydrated tomorrow and having snacks handy.
Among the items the Board is scheduled to tackle:
•Contract additions with the Los Angeles Police Department, Long Beach Police Department and Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department totaling $111 million for additional services. Staff report and Source post with more details. In a committee meeting earlier this month this item received much public comment and that will likely be the case tomorrow. NOTE: This item is likely to be continued to the March Board meeting. The rescheduling is pending Board consensus tomorrow, so be sure to tune in to the Metro Board meeting at 10 a.m. for the latest. The Source post about the item will be updated as needed next month. 
•Receive-and-file a report on Metro’s plan to eventually restore the amount of bus service the agency was running prior to the pandemic. Context: the agency is currently running about 80 percent of the bus service it ran before the pandemic struck last March; bus ridership since has ranged mostly between 40 and 55 percent of prep-pandemic levels. As staff explain in their report, the hope is that enough local residents are vaccinated that things can get back to normal service-wise by the end of this calendar year. Staff report
•Receive-and-file a report on the upcoming Predevelopment Agreements with two firms for the Sepulveda Transit Corridor project that will run between the San Fernando Valley and the Westside. One firm develop a heavy rail option, the other a monorail option. The idea is to lay the groundwork for a potential public-private partnership in which one of the firms supplies financing and builds the project. The contracts are scheduled to be considered by the Board next month. Staff report and a more in-depth explanation at this Source post.
•Receive an update from Metro staff on the agency’s Fareless System Initiative and an early proposal to begin with providing fareless transit to low-income riders and K-12 students. Staff report and recent Source post
•Receive an update from Metro staff on the agency’s Traffic Reduction Study to test congestion pricing to reduce traffic and offer better mobility options to residents. The study released four early concepts for pilot programs earlier this month. Staff report and Source post
•Receive an update from Metro staff on construction of the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project, which is presently 98 percent complete. The 8.5-mile light rail line will run between the E Line (Expo) and C Line (Green) with eight new stations, including several along Crenshaw Boulevard. Presentation

•Consider approving a “Commercial Sponsorship and Adoption Policy” to generate new revenues for the agency. In short, the goal is to use Metro assets (stations, stops, hubs, facilities, transit services, etc.) for sponsorships that could both improve conditions for riders and create revenue for the agency that is still coping with new costs and reduce revenues stemming from the pandemic. Staff report

•Consider amending the budget for the I-5 project between the 134 and 118 in the San Fernando Valley from $880.9 million to $954.1 million. This is a follow-up to last month’s item in which the Metro Board agreed to lend Caltrans up to $72 million to help fill a funding gap. If you listened to that meeting, you know the key word there is “lend.” Staff report
•Consider approving respective master agreements with the cities of Bell, Downey and Paramount for each to work with Metro on inspections and permitting for the West Santa Ana Branch project, which aims to build a 19-mile light rail line between downtown L.A. and Artesia. Agreements will also be done with other cities along the route. Staff report
•Consider approving a joint development agreement with developers for a project adjacent to the L Line (Gold) Soto Station in Boyle Heights that would include 61 to 63 affordable apartments, one unrestricted manager’s apartment and about 2,440 square feet of ground floor commercial space, a community room that opens onto the station plaza and related parking.  Staff report
•Consider approving a joint development agreement with a developer for construction of a 49-unit affordable housing project with up to 7,500 square feet of ground floor commercial space at 1st and Lorena Street near the L Line (Gold) in Boyle Heights.
BTW, Metro’s goal is for 35 percent of housing units built on Metro land to be affordable. Both this project and the one above exceed that goal as all but one unit in each will be for residents earning 60 percent or less of our area’s median income.
•Consider approving a first mile/last mile plan for the Sepulveda Station on the G Line (Orange) to improve access to the station via recommended improvements. The item also includes an update to the Orange Line Improvements Project that aims to build crossing gates along the busway and bridges for the busway over Van Nuys and Sepulveda boulevards. The update would keep the adjacent bikeway at street level to preserve access to stations and community destinations. Staff report and Sepulveda Station First Mile/Last Mile Plan

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