Help us continue to shape the Customer Experience Plan

Newly installed solar light feature at Vignes/Cesar Chavez. This is one of the bus stop improvements being tested and more suggested improvements are outlined in the Customer Experience Plan.

Going Metro should be easy, comfortable, safe and fast, so we’ve developed a Customer Experience Plan that focuses on 10 areas where we can improve to make riding better for you. The plan’s purpose is to take an honest look at the pain points that customers tell us about, and make improvements that are responsive to their concerns.

At the most recent Metro Board of Directors meeting, the FY21 budget was amended so we can start implementing these parts of the Customer Experience Plan by the end of this year:

– The elevator attendant pilot program, which will place attendants at select elevators in the Metro system to keep them clean and safe for seniors, people with disabilities and travelers with luggage.

– The rescue ride pilot program, which would allow us to assist customers impacted by missed buses in real time by offering them a free ride code for an on-demand shared ride service to help them complete their trip.

– The flexible dispatch pilot program, which will expand and enhance homeless outreach teams and use unarmed security ambassadors to assist those experiencing homelessness.

The Customer Experience Plan will be updated annually, and we want your feedback to inform the plan and keep it updated to current conditions! You can read the 2020 plan here and submit your comments on how we can continue to improve at

2 replies

  1. The homeless riders who sleep on the trains are an issue – but so is the mental health issue of those that are homeless. The trains are full of debris from those that live on the train, and the mental health issue is dangerous to all riders. Something needs to be done. We’ve already had someone murder at one of the train stations.

  2. With regards to the bus stop lights, two issues:
    Why pick a middle of nowhere type stop? Should have had one that really makes a difference, an area with high traffic and not good street lighting.
    The lighting should conform to the International Dark Sky Association’s outdoor lighting guidelines (full cutoff fixture, minimal blue light)

    The ambassadors to the homeless should not be “security” ambassadors. Those experiencing homelessness don’t need a security person to escort them off site. They need a service representative. City of Los Angeles’s Livability Services Division should be consulted. Word and position titles matter. It will pervade the mindset of the people involved and how management sees their roles.