Metro Micro launches on-demand rides on Sunday, Dec. 13, in two service areas: Watts/Willowbrook and LAX/Inglewood

Metro is launching its new on-demand ridesharing service — called Metro Micro — this Sunday, December 13. Metro Micro will be initially available in two zones, the Watts/Willowbrook and LAX/Inglewood areas. A Facebook Live event was held this morning — the video is posted below.

Metro Micro will use small vehicles that will be operated by Metro in designated service zones in Los Angeles County. The service is designed to be a part of our existing transit system and to make it easier to get around in communities where it can be challenging for Metro to run fixed-route buses.

Info is below on how to order a ride, as well as COVID-19 precautions being taken on Metro Micro. Here are the maps of the service area: 

The LAX/Inglewood service area. Please note that Metro Micro will not be providing rides to the LAX passenger terminals.
The Watts/Willowbrook service area, which includes key stations along the A Line (Blue) and C Line (Green).

Key service details and ordering a ride

•Service hours beginning Sunday will be: 

–Watts/Willowbrook from 5 a.m. to  11 p.m., seven days a week.

–LAX/Inglewood from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m.. and 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday.

•To book a ride, use the Metro Micro app for smartphones (available now by clicking the following links in the Apple Store and Google Play stores), this website or Metro’s call center at 323.GO.METRO (323.466.3876). Metro Micro will only pick up riders within the service areas above.

•After you order a ride, the app will provide a pickup location near your present location.

Metro Micro rides can be summoned using the Metro Micro app for smartphones.

•Fares for first six months of Metro Micro are $1 (transfer not included). Riders will be able to pay for the service by using their TAP card with stored value or with a credit card.

The technology behind this service will allow riders to plan entire trips  both Metro Micro and their bus or train ride in real-time using a single mobile app, internet browser or Metro’s call center. 

There are also plans to expand Metro Micro to seven new service areas around L.A. County in 2021. Stay tuned for that!

•We know that travelers are concerned about health and safety and our pilot program has been designed to address those concerns. Metro Micro has adopted several steps to address the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic for the health and safety of its riders:

–Face coverings will be required at all times for drivers and passengers.

–Clear vehicle sneeze guard partitions will separate driver from passengers.

–Vehicle capacity will be restricted to allow for better passenger distancing.

–Drivers will be trained on proper COVID-19 health and safety procedures and be provided with proper PPE equipment.

–Metro Micro vehicles will be cleaned with EPA-approved disinfectants.

–Metro will continue to follow guidance from health officials to keep its drivers and passengers safe.

Here’s the Facebook Live event from this morning — the stream begins 10 seconds in:

Some background on the Metro Micro project: In February, the Metro Board approved awarding a $29-million contract to private ridesharing company RideCo Inc. to partner with Metro to operate Metro Micro. 

Metro Micro is a component of the NextGen Bus Plan — the first phase of that plan also begins Sunday. NextGen represents the first major overhaul of Metro’s bus network in more than 25 years and is designed to speed up bus trips and provide more frequent service on many routes. Metro Micro’s role is to help provide rides in parts of town that are challenging ridership-wise for fixed route buses.  

Similar to other pilot projects, Metro Micro staff will be continually adjusting this service based on demand and real-time results from data collected during its operation.

Please see this post for a rundown of all the Metro Bus service changes this Sunday. Use this online tool to check your bus line for any changes.



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  1. I’m Got a Question is: This Micro Connects with A Line Means Blue and C Line is Green Line We have to wear a Mask on Service?

    • Hi Roy;

      You are required to wear a face covering on all Metro services — bus, train and Metro Micro. Local health orders also say residents should wear face coverings outside of their homes at all times.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. I am glad to see this happen and once it serves more areas it will be very helpful to people using Metro Rail, buses that stop running after certain hours and for elderly and disabled people.