Actions taken by Metro Board at their October meeting

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The Metro Board of Directors held its regular October meeting virtually on Thursday, Oct. 22. The agenda for the meeting is above. A recording of the webstream is here or watch below.

Among the items that the Board took action on:

•The Board on a 10-1 vote approved the NextGen Plan to restructure the Metro Bus system to offer more frequent service for most of our riders. Here’s the Source post on the news.

The Metro staff report and attachments are here.

•The Board approved the fare structure and service areas for the Metro Micro on-demand shared shuttle bus service that is scheduled to launch in December. Fares would be $1 for the first six months (without a transfer) and then $2.50 and include a transfer to Metro Bus and Rail.

Service would begin in two areas — Watts/Willowbrok and LAX/Inglewood — and eventually expand to the Northwest San Fernando Valley, Highland Park/Glendale/Eagle Rock, Altadena/Pasadena/Sierra Madre and UCLA/Westwood/Century City. Staff report

•The Board approved the operations plan for the Regional Connector project that is tying together the A Line (Blue), E Line (Expo) and L Line (Gold).

Under the plan, Metro will operate one set of trains between East Los Angeles and Santa Monica. Another set of trains would run between Azusa and Long Beach. The two lines would share five stations and platforms in downtown L.A. where riders can easily transfer between the two lines. Other service scenarios were looked at by Metro staff but East L.A.-Santa Monica and Azusa-Long Beach were found to be the most efficient. Presentation

•The Board approved a motion directing Metro staff to study the A, E and L Lines to identify areas with frequent delays and to draw up proposed ways to fix them — and to work with the city of L.A. on getting more green lights for the E Line. Motion

•The Board approved a motion by several Board Members directing staff to draw up a new and less impactful project alternative for the I-605 Improvements Project. Here’s a recent Source post on the project and the motion is below:


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  1. Is there any chance that Metro will be seeking public input re: the Micro zones?

    1) It seems like a huge missed opportunity to not have Metro Micro go an extra block to fully cover PCC and Cal Tech in Pasadena, given that PCC is largely a commuter school and currently requires a bus trip to connect to PCC from the gold line.

    2) I think the coverage area for Glendale really has a missed opportunity to cover the low income west side of the city ( ), as well as providing coverage to the major shopping districts in central Glendale. Coverage all the way to San Fernando would also provide a bus connection for the new NextGen bus line planned to run on San Fernando.