Learn about the spooky history of Little Tokyo on Oct. 28

Join us — if you dare — for a Halloween scare at our “Do you Believe in Ghosts?” Zoom event taking place on Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 10:00 a.m.

Learn some fun and spooky facts about Little Tokyo and get to know some of the shops that are selling tasty Halloween treats. Bill Watanabe from the Little Tokyo Historical Society will be sharing actual ghost stories of spirits still roaming throughout the community. And you’ll also have a chance to show off your Halloween costume!

Space is limited for this free event, so please RSVP. Once you register, you will receive the event link.

“Do you Believe in Ghosts?” is a collaboration with Metro’s Regional Connector Construction Relations Team and On the Move Riders Program. For more information, please contact Lilly Ortiz at 213.922.2299 or at onthemove@metro.net.

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  1. Why is space limited at this event? You will not need extra space or resources to accommodate additional visitors. You will only be using one or two camera, whether a few people attend this event, or whether many people attend this event. I can see a limited capacity for audience members who want to ask questions.