Permanent sink + hydration station installed at North Hollywood Station

Sink + hydration station at North Hollywood Station. Photo courtesy Outfront/JCDecaux.

In Los Angeles, the Bureau of Street Services (StreetsLA) is responsible for overseeing and managing the L.A. bus shelter program with Outfront/JCDecaux, and they have recently added a new amenity for riders who use North Hollywood Station — a permanent sink and hydration station. After one month in operation, the newly installed sink+hydration station has been working well and has received many positive reviews from users.

The sink was added through a public private partnership between the city of Los Angeles, StreetsLA, the office of Mayor Eric Garcetti and Outfront/JCDecaux. It’s certainly welcome given the pandemic and heat wave.

The amenities are located next to an existing Outfront/JCDecaux public toilet and smart bus shelter, which includes a USB charging port, free Wi-Fi and Metro real-time bus arrival information display.

The hydration station gives you the option of using the water fountain or refilling your own container. Photo courtesy Outfront/JCDecaux.

Outfront/JCDecaux is responsible for the design and ongoing operational costs of the new station, while the capital portion of the project was funded by StreetsLA. A second location is also being tested in Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles.

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  1. If a simple faucet merits an entire blog post, imagine how much content we could get out of a restroom in every new station on Metro’s upcoming subway lines!

    (Sorry for the sassiness — I love reading The Source — but the argument to only have bathrooms in Union Station will only lead to more public urination on Metro facilities)

  2. Now, due to COVID, public water/drinking fountains (incl those in hosp) are shut down, so if the COVID situation persists, will the hydration be available?
    I dont understand why public water/drinking fountains are shut. If there’s a virus on the water fountain, the water will wash it off, right?

    • Uhh, water alone doesn’t kill any bacteria or viruses on your hands, Soap is the main killer there, so not sure why people think water alone kills viruses.

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