Full parking enforcement resumes on Thursday, Oct. 15, in city of Los Angeles

In March at the onset of safer-at-home orders, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti relaxed parking enforcement across the city of Los Angeles as part of the emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Citations were halted for several types of parking violations to help Angelenos cope with the many impacts of COVID-19.
However, beginning Thursday, October 15, parking enforcement will fully resume across the city of Los Angeles. To avoid getting a ticket, we urge everyone to be mindful of this change.
The resumption of full parking enforcement is also important for Metro bus riders as Metro continues to evaluate and, with the city of L.A., implement bus only lanes. In just the past couple of months, lanes have been added in DTLA on 5th, 6th and Aliso streets.
Parking enforcement is key as it ensures that buses are able to fully use these bus lanes in a safe and secure manner, while minimizing unnecessary conflicts with parked or idling cars, delivery vehicles loading/unloading in the bus lane or other actions that impede the speed and reliability of our bus service.


5 replies

  1. if you want to help people make all parking free throughout the city including gateway plaza promote electric cars with charging at divisions

  2. What about neighborhoods where there isn’t enough street parking on street cleaning days? Most people are still working from home, are they supposed to drive around in circles until the street sweeper comes?

    • That’s something you’ll have to ask the city, but one thing I used to do when I was taking transit more than driving. I would always move my car the day before, or if there is street sweeping on one side one day, I would move the car after street sweeping was done to the other side and vice versa. It may be somewhat annoying but it did actually work out.

      Now if you live in K-town. . . Oof is all I can say.

  3. Now, maybe, we won’t have so much trash on our streets! The residental streets need to be thoroughly cleaned, and NOT speed cleaned like they usually are.