Metro receives first modernized P2000 light rail vehicle

To better maintain Metro’s rail vehicles in a State of Good Repair, manufacturers recommend that we send rail cars back to the site where they’re assembled so that critical systems can be overhauled — i.e. propulsion, brakes and communication. It’s not unlike taking a car into the shop for regular work as the mileage increases.

Metro’s Siemens P2000 light rail vehicles were originally put into service in 1996 on the A Line (Blue) and C Line (Green), and are now due for their midlife work. This will extend the lifespan of rail vehicles and help ensure they remain safe, reliable and maintainable for the future.

Sixteen P2000 rail cars were sent to an Alstom Transportation Inc. facility on Mare Island in Vallejo, California, in early 2017, and the first of those modernized rail cars has now been returned to Metro. Once the modernized rail cars arrive — we’ll be getting one per month — we will perform inspection and testing at Metro’s rail maintenance centers to ensure all cars are in good working order. Then the modernized cars will be placed into service on the A Line, E Line (Expo) and C Line.

Metro’s Arts & Design staff worked with Operations to update the decades old graphic package with a wrap to reflect our contemporary standards, with the Metro Rail brand prominently displayed against our bespoke bright yellow speed bead pattern. See the pic above.

As more modernized cars return to us, Metro will decommission the remaining P2000 vehicles from service and ship them north for modernization work until all 52 P2000s are overhauled.

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  1. This brings me so much joy, seeing the cab console modernized and the destination LCD updated with the same model as the P3010 LCDs. I can’t wait to operate them!

  2. I had heard that Metro has a very strong dislike for the P-2000’s , If that was true…why refurbish those cars?

  3. You guys shoild also put those cars on the L line (Gold).
    Will it go there when the regional connector opens?

    • Hi,

      While it is possible the trains will be used on the L Line after Regional Connector is completed, we also have more Kinkisharyo light rail vehicles arriving that will be placed into service as well.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

      • When the Regional Connector opens, there will not be any “L” line. Just A and E.

        And can we please not cover the windows with graphics? It is dangerous for security and safety when those outside the train cannot see inside it.

  4. Other than change out some brake components and overhauling the motors and radios, what was done to them? Seating configuration changed? Was USB power added to the seats like the Orange line buses? Was interior lighting change to full spectrum LED’s? Was the HVA/C improved and changed to R-134a?

  5. These photos totally make me miss the good old days of 2003 when the Gold Line was actually nice and clean.