Aerial Rapid Transit project to Dodgers Stadium enters public comment period, will hold Oct. 22 virtual scoping meeting

The proposed aerial rapid transit gondola system from Union Station to Dodgers Stadium is entering a new phase.  The Notice of Preparation was released today for conducting a key environmental report (include link to NOP), along with the opening of a 45-day comment period and a virtual public scoping meeting on Oct. 22.

In 2018, Los Angeles Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies LLC (LA ART) submitted an unsolicited proposal to Metro’s Office of Extraordinary Innovation for the aerial rapid transit gondola project. Metro agreed to act as the lead agency for the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) under the California Environmental Quality Act in order to support further review of the LA ART project. The project is privately funded and the company is reimbursing Metro for expenses to act as the lead agency and provide oversight of the EIR.

The project is now proceeding into the environmental phase, where LA ART will develop a Draft Environmental Impact Report that will examine potential environmental impacts to the community – such as air quality, cultural and historical resources, water quality and noise, to name a few categories . As part of the environmental phase, Metro  is holding a 45-day public comment period beginning Oct. 1 and ending Nov. 16.

During that time, a virtual open house (include link) has been set up.   The public may comment through the virtual open house, or in writing via email at or by postal mail to: Mr. Cory Zelmer, Deputy Executive Officer, Metro, One Gateway Plaza, Mail Stop 99-22-6, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

Metro  will also host a virtual scoping meeting from 6-8 p.m. on Oct. 22. During the meeting, the LA ART project team will provide an introduction to the proposed Project, an overview of the CEQA process, and the project timeline for environmental review. Stakeholders and the public may submit comments  during the online meeting.

To attend the meeting, visit or Metro’s project site at A recording of the meeting will be available at Metro’s project site after the meeting.

The meeting will be conducted in English, Spanish and Cantonese. Attendees are invited to call 213-418-3423 at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting for more information, to arrange ADA accommodations and/or to request additional translation support.

For more information on the project, please visit or call 213-418-3423.

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  1. Back in the days of yore–before COVID-19–wonderful Philippe’s, home of the “French Dip”, would be chock-a-block with Dodger jerseys before each game, putting money into a beloved local business. The proposed “Tramway to “Blue Heaven” would kick that business into the buns of Dodger Dogs instead, and maybe that’s what this is really about–kicking local business off a winning team.

    • Hi Tom;

      Not necessarily. Phillipes would be a very short walk to the gondola station on Alameda. I expect that it will still get business.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

      • Why not have Metro staff poll Philippe’s and Union Station’s food purveyors about that, if they haven’t as yet? I mean since Metro’s time and our money is being covered by “Dodgers, Guggenheim & Co.”

  2. Private? Somehow, this Disneyesque amusement-in-the-sky has been promoted as not costing the taxpayer anything. Au contraire. Who’s paying Metro’s staff to just look into this proposal? We the taxpayers are picking up that tab. Indeed, with various Metro salaries in the $100,000 to $300,000 (plus bennies) bracket, Metro’s time alone is money.

    • Hi Tom;

      Metro is being paid back by the private firm developing the tram for the cost of the study.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

      • What would Rosanadana say? “Nevermind.” BTW, does that mean Metro staff has “free” time on its hands?

  3. I agree,I like this project but I don’t like the aesthetic relationship tomUnion Station. Maybe something more respectful.

  4. So, where are the artist’s conception drawings showing where and how this Amusement Flight to Dodger Blue will impact views of historic LA Union Station?

  5. How much is this? And would a below grade rail line between LAUS and Elysian Park have been much cheaper. I mean this is cute but it doesn’t hide the fact that LA is still pretty backwards with transit (or in general deep down).

    • The preposed underground would be many times more expensive and take a decade longer as well as disrupt the residents above.
      This is a relatively cheap project and free to tax payers.

    • Read the information first. This isn’t a taxed project. It’s private!

  6. Any kind of transit system that serves a sports facility and not much else will be idle or just carrying “lookie-loos” when there are no games scheduled. I’m not a “bus booster”, but for events like ball games and concerts, buses make more sense than a fixed-route system.

    • *sigh* this is why Dodger Stadium needs to move closer to Downtown LA completely redevelop Elysian Park to a new place live, work and play. The stadium is just too far from Downtown but outside of a park and some residential areas, it’s a dead and not much of a destination, so I have to agree, bus shuttles probably will continue to serve best.

  7. Once the gondola is finished and starts to charge, will the bus shuttle continue to provide free rides?

  8. This is the most stupid concept I have ever seen for public transportation. I would like to know if it has even been considered that if we have a power black out or there is a mechanical issue, how do you plan to get people down off of this system other than using helicopters? In addition, will this be safe during an earthquake?

    • You’re hilarious. That’s not an issue with any modern construction.
      Check out the technology of the Many other construction projects in the Americans since 2000. Maybe consider how modern elevators and the subway work for that matter.

  9. It’s charming, and the Stadium needs *something*, but does it move enough people fast enough?

  10. Worst smog in the USA, check! Toxic waste dump under Metro tower, check! Thousands of homeless “living” beneath the freeways, check! Councilman looking at long holiday in Sing Sing, check! Aerial amusement ride to Dodger Blue amusement park, check! LA–what’s not to love?