As we study a fareless system, we want to hear from you — take our survey!

Metro has established an exploratory task force to study and identify the benefits, challenges and implications of a fareless system, we want to hear from youTo provide your feedback and for a chance to win a $100 Visa card, please take this short survey!

The deadline for taking the survey is 5 p.m. Monday, Oct. 12.


A Q&A on Metro’s fareless study

Metro to study fareless system

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  1. Enforce the fares, get more police, build restrooms for paying customers, enforce senior seating. We don’t want crowded and dangerous and dirty trains.

  2. This is an encouragement of a fare evasion.

  3. If actually made to happen, I look forward to Metro staff accepting a pay cut proportional to the revenue that will be no more. The money to make this pencil out has to come from somewhere, so why not the system itself?

    • Cool, thanks for buying it for me.

      . . . You know some people don’t want or need a car right?

  4. I thing Free mening everybody pays for it, I mean the taxpayers which is ok, portion of the sales tax, etc. but is Free transportation meanning better service more, more transit lines, more destionations, longer hours. What is the point?

  5. I do worry in times of budget constraints where the funds will come from, because this could take funds from all the other transportation issues.
    Maybe we should try an partial plan- make the buses free since they are the backbone of the system and continue to charge for light rail and subways?

  6. The benefit of providing fareless service on metro’s buses and trains means eliminating criminalizing folks that don’t pay. Meaning, getting fined for not paying the fare is inhumane and sick. Public transportation should be FREE. Public transportation is a service to the public and charging the public for it is not.

    • Do you thing all service to the public should be free? The same for industry? What about if the industry uses the major part of the service?

    • Then please explain while other Asian countries that run much more efficient and clean transit systems are actually making a profit? It’s a service to the public, and while fare evasion occurs everywhere, no one calls it inhumane, rather calling it paying your fair share.

  7. I’ve forgotten if you’ve mentioned it before, but is Metro working with the various city bus agencies on this study? Since the systems overlap in many places, going fareless would affect then all somehow.

  8. Survey questions were not recorded – several attempts but could not get passed first #1
    Bus trips are better than survey