Lakers commemorative TAP card celebrates their deep NBA playoff run!

To support the Lakers 2020 playoff run, Metro will be distributing commemorative Lakers TAP cards at select bus stops and rail stations in the next few days. 

Many of the cards — which are loaded with a day pass — will be distributed in low-income and underserved neighborhoods by our law enforcement partners at the LAPD, L.A. Sheriff’s Department and Long Beach PD, all of whom help patrol the Metro system. The Lakers will also be giving some of the cards to our local Boys and Girls Clubs. 

This is part of Metro’s and the Lakers’ ongoing efforts to give back to local communities and do a little something extra surprising for the riders and communities that we serve. 

The cards are being handed out as part of a season-long partnership between Metro and the Lakers to promote taking transit to games. While the NBA Playoffs are in Florida this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re eager for the day that games resume at STAPLES Center. 

If out and about or making an essential trip, you will also see our buses and trains wrapped in Lakers colors. It should continue be a fun week of basketball in the Southland. Metro congratulates the Lakers for making it this far. 

10 replies

  1. What use is a TAP card when fares are not being collected? When METRO is looking at being fareless? Just a waste of taxpayer money for a useless giveaway.

  2. The cards should have been made available to sell with proceeds given out in the form of generic tap cards. I feel cheated as I buy as many commemorative as possible. Metro dropped the ball on this.

  3. It’d be cool if we could donate to the program so more cards would be distributed to the communities, and in return, we could also receive one!

  4. Metro should have planned this better. Discrimination from a government program is likely to increase the division and hostility in our society. A truly progressive policy would make access universal. Scholars have shown that the best-supported government programs are universal, not restricted. (See the Canadian health system).

  5. I get the feeling these are gonna end up on eBay once people find out they are that limited, which by the way, kinda (unintentionally) ruins your kind gesture in the process. But hey if people actually scalp these cards you would still be helping the Low income people buy having high income Laker fans actually willing to buy these so. . . still a pat in the back and generic complement?

    • Hi Lizette;

      Unfortunately, we’re not able to do that at this time. But we look forward to giving them out to some lucky riders!

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

    • So let me get this straight…your not putting them in TAP machines like normal? Plus you’re only distributing in so called “low income” neighborhoods that metro travels through? What about us laker fans that aren’t considered “low income?” We miss out? Shame on you Metro! ? I’m just as big a fan as someone living in watts along the blue line. So we miss out? I have to ride the blue line through rosa parks station or downtown LB for a chance for a card? I‘ll guess I’ll try not to look to “middle class” ?

      • Hi Doug;

        With all due respect, I think our plan to distribute the cards is a good one and a nice gesture to communities that have taken the brunt of the pandemic and where many essential workers live. We certainly appreciate your patronage and desire to have a Lakers TAP card, but thankfully there is and will be no shortage of Lakers commemorative products for those who want to celebrate their (fingers crossed) championship run. Thank you for riding and reading,

        Steve Hymon
        Editor, The Source