A close up look at some of the fossils discovered while building the subway under Wilshire Boulevard

During construction of the the Purple (D Line) Extension Transit Project we have unearthed more than 500 fossils so far, including some that date back to the Ice Age.

In order to ensure that fossils are not carelessly damaged during excavation, a team of monitors are on the ground and underground during construction. When a fossil is found the excavation team can divert work to another section of the project, so that work isn’t completely halted.

Check out the above video with Dr. Ashley Leger, Paleontological Field Director of Cogstone Resource Management, who describes the process and tells the story of the Los Angeles of eons ago.

A note from the video creator himself, Adrian Hernandez:

Coming into this documentary, I knew nothing about Metro’s history and the agency’s contributions to the fossil record, or local efforts to preserve our geological past. Every street in Los Angeles has a story, and I’m delighted to see some go back to the Ice Age!

Special thanks to Cogstone Resource Management and Ashley Leger for their great work and insights!

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