Vote for tunnel boring machine artwork and names for Purple (D Line) Extension Section 3!

Tunnel boring machine assembly on VA Hospital Campus.

The last two Purple (D Line) Extension tunnel boring machines (TBMs) have landed in Los Angeles! Currently, assembly of the first TBM is underway on the West Los Angeles VA Hospital Campus, with assembly of the second TBM to follow in the fall. Traditionally, the TBMs cannot begin work until they are named and adorned with artwork.  

A panel of judges made up of local community leaders helped select the finalists for Metro’s Purple Line Extension Section 3 Tunnel Boring Machine Art and Naming Contest. Now it’s your turn to vote for the winners! 

TBM Naming Contest Finalists: 

Name: Angela | Submitted by: Presley Moreno | Affiliation: UCLA  

Name: Josie | Submitted by: Andy Pei | Affiliation: UCLA  

Name: Aura | Submitted by: Derik De Baun | Affiliation: UCLA  


Name: Iris | Submitted by: Claire O’Hanlon | Affiliation: Veterans Affairs 

Name: Heddy | Submitted by: Lindsay Winters | Affiliation: Veterans Affairs 

Name: Shoshana | Submitted by: Sidney | Affiliation: Veterans Affairs  


TBM Art Contest Finalists: 


The voting period is open through August 31, 2020. You can also read up on the stories behind the names here.

The judging committee included: Councilmember Paul Koretz of Council District 5; Alek Bartrosouf, Mobility Deputy for Council District 11; Renee Fortier, Executive Director of UCLA Events & Transportation; Andrew Thomas, Executive Director of the Westwood Village Improvement Association; and Anthony Allman, Director of Outreach for Vets Advocacy. The art contest finalists were selected by Metro’s Community Relations Team. The names and artwork based on originality and community significance. 

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  1. Hey, Anna! Don’t we usually get descriptions on why the students chose their name submission?