Fresh pics: Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project train testing moves north

Early train testing expanded to the north for the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project in the last week to the stretch of track through Inglewood to Crenshaw Boulevard, just east of the Fairview Heights Station.

The recent ‘clearance testing’ is a first step in the testing process and done to ensure the train can clear all structures along the tracks.

Work continues on the project with the aim of completing major construction this winter and the project opening in 2021 following testing and training for staff.

When complete, the Crenshaw/LAX Line will run for 8.5 miles between the C Line (Green) and the E (Expo) Line  with eight new stations. A ninth station will be added in the early 2020s near Aviation and 96th streets and will serve as the transfer point between Metro Rail, buses and the LAX Automated People Mover that will serve airport terminals.

Much more info on the project’s web page at

The test train crosses La Brea on the new rail bridge.

The train above Florence Avenue below.

The bridge over La Brea.

A test train at Downtown Inglewood Station.

Train below the palms that tower above Florence Avenue in Inglewood.

Near the Fairview Heights Station in Inglewood.

Pulling into Fairview Heights Station in Inglewood.

Looking toward the Centinela Avenue crossing in Inglewood. That’s St. John’s church on the right.

Along Florence Avenue in Inglewood.

Another view along Florence Avenue in Inglewood.

The test train enters the underground segment on Crenshaw Boulevards between 67th and 60th streets.

The train crossing Brynhurst Avenue in Hyde Park.

The train between West Boulevard and Brynhurst Avenue in Hyde Park.

5 replies

  1. Will the pandemic affect any grand opening plans? Any estimate as to when that may be? End of this year?

    • Hi M;

      With everything going on, I can’t predict the future and it’s a fluid situation in terms of everything in society. As for the project, we’re still aiming at the contractor reaching substantial completion and turning over the project to Metro this coming winter to be followed by several months of testing and training.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. I believe those items and maybe some others mostly in the underground sections are the primary source of the delayed opening. Lets hope they can get all the above ground sections tested, run trains etc. so when the problems are resolved, maybe, just maybe we can get this line open.

  3. There were several construction problems last I read: Settlement of walls around the La Brea bridge, and rebar incorrectly installed, and some issue with installing rails in the tunnels. Have these all been resolved at this point?