Help Metro become more resilient

Energy resiliency is the ability to withstand or recover quickly from disruption, like how to keep trains moving if there’s a power failure. This is an increasingly critical component of Metro’s long-range financial and operational continuity planning.

As Metro continues to electrify our fleet and buildings, we are seeking cost effective and energy efficient solutions that continue our focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other negative impacts on human health and the environment. To help achieve this goal, Metro reached out through its Energy Resiliency Series to qualified firms with a Request for White Papers on innovative clean energy technologies and systems. Selected firms will be invited to present their solutions to industry peers and other interested parties at the upcoming Energy Resiliency Symposium on September 18, 2020.

There’s still time. Submit an Energy Resiliency White Paper. Click here for more details, including deadlines and submission guidelines.

You can also view the First Round White Paper FAQ here.

This series aims to inspire and motivate the marketplace to share innovative ideas, technologies and concepts that could help Metro become more resilient.

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