Updated unsolicited proposal guidance during COVID-19 health crisis

Unsolicited Proposals continue to play a role in shaping Metro amidst change and disruption. Since 2016, the Unsolicited Proposal Policy has generated dozens of ideas that reduce costs or generate revenue, streamline internal processes, and enhance the customer experience. The policy has established rewarding partnerships and expanded Metro’s adaptive capacity – traits more important now than ever.

Four months into the COVID-19 pandemic, the policy has likewise kept up its trend of delivering value. Metro has received nearly a dozen proposals responding to the health crisis, from new cleaning and disinfection methods to workforce protection measures and customer information tools. We hope this will continue as the situation evolves, and that the solutions will be tailored to our evolving context and recovery planning efforts.

Guidance for proposers

While receiving proposals is critical to the policy’s success, budgetary uncertainty makes it difficult to deliver projects unrelated to the health crisis response.

The following guidance for the Unsolicited Proposal Policy is effective immediately:

Metro continues to evaluate Unsolicited Proposals during the COVID-19 health crisis. During this time, however, we are prioritizing proposals related to pandemic response, service relaunch, and regional recovery that support efficient mobility in a changed world. These include but are not limited to:

1) Innovations that aid in response such as cleaning and hygiene, social distancing (for both employees and customers), and delivering service during stay-at-home orders;

2) Innovations that help in relaunching service to meet residual demand and emerging needs;

3) Innovations that reduce costs, are cost neutral, or generate revenue; and

4) Innovations that help Metro adapt and evolve its role in effectively providing mobility in a changed world.

Due to the dynamic and uncertain nature of the crisis, and to aid prioritization, Metro has temporarily suspended its 90-day review period. Previously submitted Unsolicited Proposals are being addressed on a case by case basis. Similarly, implementation of any accepted proposals may vary based on level of priority.

Innovation remains core

In a changed and changing world, innovation is critical to adapt. While it provides an edge during times of plenty, it is essential during times of scarcity. Metro is counting on proposals and partnerships that support efficient mobility in a changed world.

Stay tuned as changes to the policy are periodically reassessed. And to potential proposers: Please familiarize yourself with Metro’s Vision 2028 plan and recovery efforts, which provide further insights into the types of solutions the agency is seeking.