I-605 Corridor Improvement Project update

Over the past four years, we have made significant progress on the I-605 Corridor Improvement Project. In an effort to improve circulation and safety on the I-605, the project proposes improvements to approximately 16 miles of highway located along I-605, between just south of the I-105 and just north of the I-10 freeways, as well as to I-105, I-5, SR-60 and I-10 freeways and interchanges. The project is currently in the environmental phase as the team continues studies on the four Proposed Alternatives and their impacts

Visit the updated project website to find an overview of the alternatives and proposed local improvements for each of the project freeways, interchanges and local jurisdictions. Additionally, a host of project materials, including: fact sheets, maps, graphics, schedules, resource information on the environmental process and past reports and hearings for reference are available.

Metro plans to be back in the community in late summer 2020 for the public circulation of the Draft Environmental Document (Draft ED) to share project findings and to receive formal public comment. Your participation is essential to a successful Final ED. We hope you’ll join us for the virtual public hearing open house in August!

For more information, visit metro.net/i-605-CIP.

2 replies

  1. Im gonna go out on a limb here and say that “circulation” will not improve even with these surely expensive improvements. It’s like we never learn (or pretend not to know) that improving freeways will lead to more drivers which will inhibit circulation.

  2. Just what we need , a 10 lane freeway pushed out to 14 lanes. More houses and businesses taken, more of a pollution dead zone. This looks like the Long Beach Freeway project part 2.