Service changes begin this Sunday, June 21, with more trips on 95 bus lines

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In response to the ongoing reopening of Los Angeles County, Metro is implementing another round of service changes this Sunday, June 21. The changes are summarized above and amount to an 11 precent increase in bus service.

The changes include an additional 1,101 trips on 95 different bus lines — the details are above and schedules for bus and rail lines are here. Metro Rail will continue on the same schedules we’ve been running since mid-April.

If you have a smartphone, we also highly recommend using the Transit app — Metro’s new official app — for real-time bus and train arrival info and to plan trips. The app is available in both the Google Play and the App Store.

There are also reductions in service on some bus lines and route adjustments on others:

•Due to lower ridership, we’ll be running fewer trips on weekdays on Lines 68, 150, 601, 705, 710, 728, 734, 740, 744, 750, 751, 757, 760, 762, 770 and 780.

•There will be reduced Saturday and Sunday/Holiday service on Lines 68 and 601.

•Line 90 will operate full line weekdays between downtown LA and Sylmar (Olive View Medical Center)l

•Line 234 will operate short line to Sepulveda/Ventura during weekdays before 9 p.m. when Line 734 is in full line operation to Expo/Sepulveda Station.

•Line 237 will operate full line weekdays to Sepulveda/Rinaldi.

•Lines 244 and 245 will operate full lines weekdays between Chatsworth Station – Topanga Canyon/Ventura.

•Line 744 will operate both the Van Nuys and Reseda sections on weekdays.

•Line 788 is being discontinued for the time being. Use Line 234 instead.

Otherwise, service will continue as it has been since April.

This is the third set of service changes since safer-at-home orders were issued in mid-March due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Most recently, we put a schedule in place on April 19 that amounted to running Sunday service every day of the week along with service on some bus lines that don’t normally run on Sunday. Overall, that amounted to running about 70 percent of our normal service levels for about 30 to 35 percent of our pre-pandemic ridership .

In May, Metro announced it would use a four-phase plan for restoring bus and rail service. Under the plan, we’ll be ramping up bus and rail service between now and early 2021 — the changes this Sunday are phase one. The idea is to match our service levels with actual and expected ridership and the need to maintain physical distancing on our buses and trains as well as more cleaning.

To assist with physical distancing, all Metro bus riders must board and exit through rear doors only. The front door will remain available to wheelchair riders and those who need the wheelchair ramp. Metro is also requiring all riders to wear face coverings and Metro bus operators will continue to use the transparent protective barrier that helps isolate them. Riders are not expected to use the fare box or TAP validator at the front of the bus but are reminded to always be in possession of fare during travel.

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  1. My question is:
    Why bus drivers do not reinforce the use of face mask protection?
    They have their own space.
    Do they care about riders?
    I have ridden the rout #45 that runs on Broadway all the way to Lincoln Heights,
    and the bus it’s like a can.of sardines and some patrons are not wearing a facemask.
    Please look in to it and train the drivers to be aware of that issue.
    Thank you.

  2. I’m riding bus 256 driver didn’t use the rear door. Wer using front door confusing. Do we need to start paying or not. Lady driver kind upset. Pls advice. Sunday morning 6.50. Am

    • Hi Lynn;

      Thank you for this. Can you let me know location of bus stop where you boarded and direction of travel?


      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  3. Line 60 still gets crowded usually around 12 noon to 6:00 PM. Try adding several 60 foot buses or add more short-line trips to Palm-Seville & Long Beach Blvd Green Line Station.

  4. Very happy to hear more service for express line 460. Im hoping the impermissible proposed change of line 460 doesn’t happen (cancelling the express portion between Norwalk station) and Downtown LA . Riders want less transfers, not more transfers.This line has operated for over 30 years and is still effectively today.

  5. is METRO BUS SERVICE going to be restarted on line #183 in Glendale,Ca, starting 6-22-2020, or is it still going to end in Burbank, Ca as it does now

  6. Por favor pongan más buses en la linea92 nos están exponiendo al contagio esta línea viene bien llena no hay donde sentarse y las gentes no quiren que uno se siente ala par de las personas por favor es urgente es una emergencia poner horario regula enlaza línea 92 y 487 vienes llenos por favor poner atención.

    • Ana is saying both the 92 and 487 are experiencing overcrowding. She wants weekday service to be reinstated. Perhaps both 92 and 487 should use more 45ft buses.

  7. I need the bus to run on regular schedule due to I need to get to work on time it’s getting to expensive riding with Uber everyday I need the 78 metro bus early morning 5:25 am going toward Las tunas

  8. Where’s the latest schedule after June 21? Especially those routes with increased or reduced trips. I don’t see it on your website.

    • Is the buses going back to normal schedule every 30 minutes or what’s the schedule gonna be like

  9. Any chance that the select Metro Express Line 456 trips will return..?

    • Hi Andrew;

      Yes, there’s a chance but I can’t say how much of a chance. After the last round of changes on April 19, we made a lot of adjustments in terms of adding trips. Everything really depends on demand. We’re seeing a lot of people out an about as different businesses reopen but nowhere near what things were like pre-pandemic. So it’s a balance. We’re trying to avoid overcrowding while at the same time preserve resources that we’ll need at a later date when demand returns.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

      • Thank you for offering public transportation with safety measures.
        My son is planning on using pubic transpirtation Mondays to Fridays from Winnetka and Roscoe in the Valley to UCLA. Is there any route available he can take starting July 1rst?
        I will appreciate.

      • Please don’t bring back the 456. Millions of dollars was spent upgrading the Blue Line and this should have been a temporary option during this time. Tell the riders to ride the “new and improved” Blue/A Line.

  10. Hello, I really want to know how the mandatory mask wearing will be enforced for riders of the bus. I am so concerned about this, as my husband is an operator, and he cannot enforce this, nor can he pass up riders without a mask. What’s the plan?

    • Hi JenOfLA:

      The Governor’s order doesn’t change things much for us: we’ve been requiring riders to wear face coverings since Monday, May 11. Based on spot checks, we believe about 95 percent of riders are wearing face coverings already. We have been trying to avoid confrontational enforcement and writing citations. Instead, we’re handing out face coverings and really trying to educate riders through signage and announcements. Even the Governor’s order did not make it clear how it’s going to be enforced across the state. We’re also continuing the rear door boarding only and not requiring riders to visit the farebox. All operators should be wearing a face covering and using the plexiglass shield between the driver’s area and the main aisle. Things could change as this is a dynamic situation. Hope that helps,

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  11. Curious to know what is the reason that Division 10 is closing?
    Is this because of Covid-19 or something else, is Metro going to be okay?
    What happens to the staff and operators there?

    • Hi Max;

      With reduced service levels, it was to consolidate services as there are other nearby divisions (Division 13 is less than a mile away). Staff and operators went to other divisions.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

      • Will it be a temporary closure or forever?
        Just feels so sudden, like had it been a work in progress or just for the time being?

  12. Is the Line 180 extending from Pasadena to La Cienega/Jefferson Expo Line Station this Sunday?

    Or when the nextgen starts?