Metro plans to run normal service Sunday night and for remainder of day

Although curfews are in effect in parts of the Los Angeles area on Sunday, Metro is an essential service and plans to run its normal Sunday service tonight and for the remainder of the day.

At this time, we are also planning to begin service Monday morning at our usual times.

We are currently running our normal service with a few exceptions: 

Please be mindful this is a fluid situation and our plans could change. We will do our best to give everyone as much warning ahead of time if there is a change in service plans.

For updates on service tonight, please follow @Metrolaalerts or @metrolosangeles on Twitter or use the Transit app on your smartphone. The app is free and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. We’ll also be updating this blog post.

As we posted this morning, Metro made the difficult decision to suspend bus and rail service on Saturday night in the interest of the safety of our riders and employees. Efforts were made by Metro — using buses and other vehicles — to help those stranded get home and we apologize to those who were stranded.

For people who were able to get rides and used Uber, Lyft or taxi to replace a Metro trip, Metro will provide reimbursement for verifiable replacement trips with receipts that are made with these services. Patrons should contact Metro Customer Relations on Monday at 323.GO.METRO (323) 466-3876 for additional reimbursement information.

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  1. Really tough situation that doesn’t have a right answer. The last thing you want to do is endanger drivers or passengers but then you end up stranding people trying to get home. Also, how do you protect people on the bus if the police are busy elsewhere? Quite a few no-win situations lately. Those of us working really need to check and make sure that everyone has a safe way home at the end of the day.