Update: Metro Bus and Rail service has resumed on Sunday morning


UPDATE, 8:25 A.M.: We know many people expressed concerns about riders being stranded on Saturday night. Here’s a statement:

Metro apologizes to transit customers who were stranded as a result of the suspension of transit services on Saturday night. We took this action out of utmost concern for the public and our employees during the growing severity of this protest.

After implementing the suspension of service at 8 p.m., Metro reissued some buses to pick up stranded passengers in specific areas of Los Angeles. We also sought to utilize micro mobility vehicles to assist returning passengers in getting to their final destinations. We sent street supervisors in the various geographic areas to patrol bus stops and notify riders that service was suspended and that they should make other arrangements as a result to this emergency. Metro tried to assist stranded transit riders as best it can given the grave and unexpected nature of this emergency.

For people who were able to get rides on Uber, Lyft or via taxi to replace a Metro trip, Metro will provide reimbursement for verifiable replacement trips with receipts that are made with these services. Patrons should contact Metro Customer Relations at 323.GO.METRO (323) 466-3876 for additional reimbursement information.

UPDATE, 8:15 A.M. SUNDAY: Metro Bus and Rail service resumed this morning at 5:30 a.m.

UPDATE, 8 P.M. At 8 p.m. all Metro bus and rail service will be suspended until 5:30 a.m. Sunday due to curfews in effect in the city of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Culver City and West Hollywood tonight.

UPDATE, 7 P.M.: The city of L.A. curfew has been extended citywide by Mayor Garcetti beginning at 8 p.m. Exemptions are for those traveling to/from work and for those seeking or getting emergency care.

The earlier post:

Here’s a statement from Metro CEO Phil Washington:

“In consultation with Metro Board Chair James T. Butts and in response to L.A. Mayor Garcetti’s directive today to implement a curfew in downtown Los Angeles to help ensure public safety during the George Floyd protests, LA Metro is suspending bus and rail service in the affected protest areas to ensure the safety of both the public and LA Metro employees. This service suspension will become effective immediately and last until 5:30 a.m. tomorrow per curfew guidelines.”    

The service plan for tonight at this time:

•Metro Bus will not be operating in downtown L.A. — specifically in the area north of Washington Boulevard, west of Alameda, east of the 110 freeway and south of Cesar Chavez. Bus lines will be detouring around the area. Metro Bus is also detouring around areas on the Westside,

•There will be no A Line (Blue) service between Grand/LATTC and 7th/Metro.

•There will be no E Line (Expo) service between LATTC/Ortho Institute and 7th/Metro.

•There will be no B/D Line (Red/Purple) service between Westlake/MacArthur Park and Union Station.

•There will be no L Line (Gold) service between Chinatown and Atlantic.

•The C Line (Green) will be operating between Norwalk and Aviation/LAX.

This is a fluid situation and could change. We’ll update this post as needed. For updates on service tonight, please follow @Metrolaalerts or @metrolosangeles on Twitter.

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  1. Was the suspension of service upgraded to other places in in the county where curfews were imposed like West Hollywood and Beverly Hill where the majority of rioting and destruction took place.

    As a former Road Supervisor that worked during the 1992 riots and the stupidity of attempting to detour buses around the area where rioting occurred hopefully the MTA learned from that experience but I doubt it after watching Saturday’s events. The 8400 series bus attacked on the 16 Line at Third St. and Fairfax should not have been traveling along it’s normal route with a large volatile situation taking place, a rally in Pan Pacific Park. Then we saw another Line 16 bus trapped on Beverly Bl., apparently detoured, just east of Fairfax and adjacent to Pan Pacific Park.

    From what I have been told by current MTA employees that I previously worked with, many Supervisors have been hired off the street with no previous transit experience. It’s hard enough to train and qualify former bus and rail operators, qualifying those with absolutely no transit experience is next to impossible but I guess if you lower your standards anything is possible.

    • Bus company has been problematic for at least 5 years. I blame the Pres. Mr. Washington as HE is the head of the smelly fish and that smells the most!

      I have kept track of complaints of bus problems for 5 years that have constantly been committed. AND NO NOTICEABLE IMPROVEMENT.

      I counted nearly 100 complaints of slow/late buses, non- show buses, and allowance of street/homeless that are unkempt/unhealthy conditions being accepted on the transit system.

      I sent complaints that were escalated to management of customer relations(Anthony Roman), and other higher-ups, assistant to the President (Gale Harvey)…and the condition continued EACH year for 5 years now.

      I tried to complain to the Mayor of L.A. Garcetti, who is also on the Metro board and his office only took messages I called but not to hear the problems.
      AND did NOT return a done call.

      On the side, I was told to contact various workers to improve or suggest improvements and after not hearing back, was told on 2 or 3 occasions, the person I was referred to had recently retired!

      THIS is how much the bus system cares to providing decent or adequate service to the people of his city.

      Don’t support the company when they say they are here to provide decent service…at least on the ‘bus’ side of things.

      And hope those names I mentioned are removed with people who CAN do something to improve the key to running a decent major Metro-politan service!

  2. I hope all the drivers and passengers get home safe. Very sad to see buses caught in all the chaos. Be safe!!!

    • Thank you for remembering our brave bus drivers they are also the silent first responders risking their lives for our needs.

  3. One can hardly blame us given what’s gone down, BUT we must not shame the memory of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. PEACEFUL protest is the way, it’s the only way. Let’s express our hurt on Election Day!