Metro releases draft Long Range Transportation Plan for public review

The Metro Board of Directors on Thursday authorized the release of the updated draft 2020 Long Range Transportation Plan, a $400-billion, 30-year transportation blueprint for our region. There will now be a 45-day public review period to gather additional comments from the public on the plan through July 13, 2020.

The plan lays out a future vision and roadmap for bringing about a more mobile, sustainable and vibrant future for Los Angeles County. Through extensive public outreach over the past 18 months that included 77 community meetings, 28 public workshop meetings and 20,000 survey responses from the public, Metro has distilled the region’s desires into four goals: Better Transit, Less Congestion, Complete Streets and Access to Opportunity.

The draft 2020 Long Range Transportation Plan (2020 LRTP) outlines what Metro is doing currently and what Metro must do for Los Angeles County over the next 30 years. Current challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, will present opportunities for Metro to take bold action and help achieve mobility improvements for the region.

The 2020 LRTP details how Metro helps plan, build, manage and maintain our region’s transportation system, and how Metro partners to deliver projects and program. Metro is the planner, designer, and builder of Southern California’s most expansive public transit network. Bolstered by four voter-approved sales tax measures, Metro has constructed roughly 130 miles of rail and bus rapid transit in the past 30 years.

The 2020 LRTP details how Metro will add more than 100 miles over the next 30 years, the most aggressive transit expansion plan in the nation. Beyond transit, Metro will invest in arterial and freeway projects to reduce congestion — such as the I-5 North enhancements project and adding more ExpressLanes — and bicycle and pedestrian projects, such as the L.A. River Path Project to close the eight-mile gap in the path between Elysian Valley and Maywood.

The plan calls for prioritizing bus travel on our county’s busiest streets, including Wilshire Boulevard and Flower Street, and working to implement the recommendations of the NextGen Bus Plan. Furthermore, Metro will invest in technology and promote innovative new mobility options such as carsharing, Microtransit and freight-focused technologies.

In addition, the draft 2020 LRTP includes over $200 billion for operations and state of good repair, as well as $38 billion in funding that returns to local agencies to maintain the local transportation system.

The plan also notes the potential to deliver significant mobility benefits to the region through the major capital projects, programs, and bold policies. After implementation, those benefits include 21% of county residents and 36% of jobs will be a 10-minute walk of high-quality rail or bus rapid transit options, up from only 8% of residents and 16% of jobs currently. If implemented, the plan will result in an 81% increase in daily transit trips, a 31% decrease in traffic delay and a 19% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.

The 2020 LRTP is available for viewing and public comment at The 45-day public review period will run from May 29, 2020 through July 13, 2020. Those interested is providing comments can submit by mail to:  Attn Long Range Planning, LA Metro, One Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90012-2952 or by phone: 213.922.2833, at or by email at Metro’s Board of Directors are expected to adopt the Final 2020 LRTP towards the end of summer 2020.


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  1. I work in transit security and the security situation as gone down hill. There comes a time when Metro and the criminal justice system has to put their foot down and start arresting and citing lawbreakers. Also people without proper hygiene don’t need to be on public transportation.

    • Well that’s your job to keep those people off the subways.