Metro Board meeting preview for February

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The Metro Board of Directors meets Thursday at 10 a.m. at Metro HQ adjacent to Union Station. The meeting will be livestreamed — a link will appear here when the meeting begins.

Among some of the items of interest the Board is scheduled to consider:

•The Board is scheduled to consider bringing a new Metro-operated, on-demand shared ride service called MicroTransit for short trips to six designated service zones in Los Angeles County in vehicles that hold up to 10 passengers.

MicroTransit will allow riders to plan entire trips — both MicroTransit (on-demand shared ride) and their bus and train rides – using real-time booking through a single mobile app, internet browser or Metro’s call center. Riders will be able to pay for the service by using their TAP card and TAP account, or with a debit, credit or prepaid credit card. 
In order to launch MicroTransit, the Board will consider approving a $29-million contract with the ridesharing company RideCo Inc. to partner with Metro to operate Metro’s future MicroTransit service. The Board will also consider approving $8 million in funding for MicroTransit operational expenses and to hire 80 new Metro employees to operate MicroTransit vehicles.
MicroTransit will initially operate seven days a week and 12 hours a day, initially. Fare pricing has not yet been determined for MicroTransit. Metro plans to roll out its MicroTransit service starting with the Watts/Willowbrook zone in summer 2020 with service zones being introduced in this order:
  • Summer 2020: Watts/Willowbrook
  • Fall 2020: Northwest San Fernando Valley
  • Winter 2020: LAX/Inglewood
  • Spring 2021: Highland Park/Eagle Rock/Glendale
  • Summer 2021: Altadena/Pasadena/Sierra Madre
  • Fall 2021: UCLA/VA Medical Center/Century City

Staff report

•The Board will consider withdrawing the SR 60 and combined alternatives from further consideration as a route for the Eastside Gold Line Extension project and instead focusing on the Washington route to Whittier.
The Board will also consider launching a feasibility study to evaluate other options that better serve the mobility needs of the San Gabriel Valley and to proceed only with CEQA for the project’s environmental process to help speed up planning of the project. Staff report and Source post
•The Board will consider an Exclusive Negotiation Agreement and Planning Document (“ENA”) with Watts Station LP, a California limited partnership, for the development of 3.67 acres of Metro-owned property along the A Line (Blue) at the 103
rd St/Watts Towers Station for 18 months with the option to extend up to 30 months. The project also includes adjacent parcels obtained from the former Community Redevelopment Agency.
The total project would include 213 affordable units, a multi-purpose community center, and renovation of the historic Watts
Train Station to include retail with seating for customers and Metro patrons. The proposal for the Metro portion of the site includes:
•83 units of affordable housing.
•Design that seeks to maintain and accentuate visibility of the Watts Towers.
•“Watts Art Walk”: a series of art-focused open space, landscape and streetscapes linking the
Station to the Watts Towers.
•“Watts Gateway”: improvement of open space and added streetscape around the existing
pedestrian bridge.
•Integration into larger project with a mix of affordable housing for seniors, families and formerly
homeless as well as open space and community space.
•A contract not to exceed $15 million with SECOTrans for the preliminary engineering design of a new bus and rail operations center on Center Street in downtown Los Angeles to accommodate expansion of the Metro system. Staff report

•The Board will consider a $275,000 contract amendment with TransTech for an update to a tool to inspect overhead wires on Metro light rail lines. The tool will better help measure wear on the wires in order to prevent problems and rail delays. Staff report

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  1. This meeting made major positive change with regard to micro transit and the Gold line extension. I am encouraged by the results.

    Have you considered another tax increase? I want more transit! Let’s go for another ballot measure?

    • Hi Matt;

      I have not heard one iota of discussion about any future ballot measures. That is definitely not under discussion or consideration in any way, shape or form.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source