Metro is Growing a Greener Workforce

A class on native plant landscaping.

Part of Metro’s commitment to being a green agency includes educating our employees, as well anyone working in L.A. County, on the latest and greatest in sustainability practices through workforce development. To that end, Metro launched its Growing a Greener Workforce program in 2017. Our goal is to create a more resilient and sustainable Los Angeles by arming people with knowledge they can carry with them no matter what industry they work in.

The program is built around a series of classes open to community members at a discounted price. Metro facilitates these classes through partnerships with the U.S. Green Building Council Los Angeles (USGBC-LA), the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI), the Theodore Payne Foundation, and Building Resilience Los Angeles (BRLA). Additional opportunities are constantly being evaluated.

Our current curriculum includes:

  • Essentials of Native Plant Horticulture
  • Gardening for Wildlife
  • Right Plant, Your Place
  • Introduction to Resilience – Energy Systems
  • Introduction to Resilience – Water Systems
  • Introduction to Resilience – Resilient Communities
  • Professional certifications such as G-PRO and ENVISION

Classes are held at Metro Headquarters but are administered by the above organizations. The classes include customized case studies to address environmental conditions specific to the Los Angeles area and provide relatable examples of sustainability practices.

In addition, these classes have been a valuable networking tool, connecting community members from different fields through thought-provoking discussions about sustainability and providing opportunities for collaboration. So just because you don’t work in urban planning or have a job that relates directly to the environment doesn’t mean you can’t take a course! Great ideas and solutions actually come from those who aren’t in the industry and see things with a different perspective.

Metro believes that environmental sustainability, infrastructure resiliency, and vibrant communities are achievable in part by developing the skills of a Greener Workforce in every sector. We are proud to facilitate this connection among the diverse attendees of GGW classes.

To date, Metro has trained more than 250 individuals in climate and community resilience, and more than 200 in using native plants for water and wildlife conservation. Metro has also certified more than 400 individuals in G-PRO and 450 in Envision. We are continuing to offer these courses in hopes of creating a more resilient and sustainable Los Angeles! For schedules, prices, and registration, please visit the GGW website.

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