North Hollywood Station G Line (Orange) bus terminal to reopen Sunday, Jan. 26

Installation of Metro’s first bus charging platforms at North Hollywood Station has been completed. The North Hollywood bus terminal will reopen at 3 a.m. on Sunday, Jan. 26. Thank you all for your patience through this process!

The North Hollywood west parking lot will remain closed for a few additional weeks until all construction activities are complete within this area. Signage and Metro staff will be available to guide customers on Sunday and throughout next week. New bus charging station construction continues on the G Line (Orange) at Canoga Station, and will soon begin at Chatsworth Station.

North Hollywood Station is the first of three new charging stations installed with the deployment of battery electric buses for the San Fernando Valley’s G Line (Orange). Metro plans to convert its entire fleet of buses to zero emission buses by 2030. This transition to electric buses will provide a cleaner, quieter fleet and significantly lower environmental impacts of Metro operations. This will help local air quality and result in fewer greenhouse gas emissions by agency vehicles.

New electric bus charging stations at North Hollywood G Line (Orange) terminal.

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  1. Implementing a all electric fleet has many drawbacks I fear the amateurs at the MTA will fail to address. What will happen if a bus is unable to access a charging unit due to breakdown of another bus or a street closure? Can current layovers, many built by the MTA accommodate the charger stations? This is Los Angeles where special events both planned and unplanned are abundant. Think about Term. 28 for instance. If the entrance or exit are blocked hundreds of buses will be without sufficient power to complete their assignments.

  2. Maybe that will help the in/out of the main north lot. Last night, issues with a stalled bus and a tow-truck. It is not funny how many monthly parking spots are vacant in that lot when there are no opportunities to get a monthly parking pass.