Paid parking to begin at Expo/Crenshaw Station on Jan. 27

Paid parking will be implemented at Expo/Crenshaw Station beginning Monday, Jan. 27.

The parking rate is $3 per 24 hours for transit riders. You’ll be able to use the automated pay system that are in use at other Metro pay parking lots. Riders will need a valid TAP card and either cash or credit card to pay. Parking kiosk locations are different for each facility but are generally located along pedestrian walkways, ground level near the elevator lobby or in the station plaza.

You can also pay for parking online at or use the Metro parking app. The app is available in the App Store and the Google Play store. More information on parking at Metro is available here.

Under a plan approved by the Metro Board of Directors, Metro has converted some of its busiest parking lots to pay lots. The reasons are two-fold: 1) the fee helps keep some parking spaces open throughout the day for transit riders, and; 2) the fees prevent parking spaces from being taken by people not using transit.

Free spaces remain in many parking lots on the Metro system, click here for the full list.

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  1. Will this impact West Angeles Church patrons on sundays? I know the parking area is owned by the church and its operated by Metro.

  2. Steve, San Diego’s first light rail line constructed for under budget has never had to be closed down and it was built over 29 years ago. It has been very successful and enjoys high ridership since it’s first day in service. The primary difference is it was built to U.S standards, not a standard used abroad.

    The bus system has deteriorated under the MTA control. Lines have been discontinued or cut back meaning numerous transfer for MTA patrons to reach their destinations. Areas such as Westwood are not MTA patrons final destination in many cases yet the MTA has cut back service during peak hours to Westwood Bl. on both the Wilshire Line which had three routes at one time and on the Santa Monica Line. I know how busy these lines used to be from experience, experience that few at the MTA have today. This is just a example of the incompetence and lack of expertise those at the MTA possess. At the former RTD experience and knowledge was was embraced. When the MTA was created all of that was discarded in favor of text book solutions and solutions from those who failed at other transit agencies and private transit contractors. We shall see if the realignment is patron friendly or another mess like the Blue Line proved to be.

    • Hi. Please point myself and Source readers to documents that show the Blue Line is not built to a standard gauge.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  3. Why can’t parking be free on weekends and evenings, when the system has capacity? That would encourage ridership.

  4. When will the citizens of Los Angeles County realize the current management at the MTA do not know what they are doing concerning our transit needs and how to operate a successful transit operation. After the merger of the LACTC and the RTD those with real transit experience were terminated and in some instances former LACTC employees were given their jobs because their positions were being eliminated although they were not qualified to the job. Anyone with any sense would have questioned why the entire Blue Line needed to be rebuilt after only about twenty years in service costing billions of tax payer dollars. I can only shutter when I think about the proposed realignment of the bus system. I’m sure it not go where patrons wish to go and will involve numerous transfers to complete their trips. Each current adjustment are only previews of the disaster we are in for.

    • 1. The A Line (Blue) closures took place in 2019, which was 29 years after the A Line opened.
      2. How about waiting and seeing the draft of the NextGen Bus Plan before tearing it apart (the draft plan will be out soon). There has been plenty of opportunity for the public to weigh in on the plan and I hope you expressed your opinions.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The source