Rides are Free on Metro Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

As is our custom all Metro Bus and Rail lines will be FREE to ride on the nights of Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. This means no fare will be charged on Christmas Eve from 9 p.m. until 2 a.m. and from 9 p.m. until 2 a.m. on New Year’s Eve.

All Metro Rail stations with latched gates will be unlatched during this time. Metro will also run 24-hour rail service on New Year’s Eve, as well as enhanced service to the Rose Parade on Jan. 1. We’ll have more information on that in a separate post.

Metro Bus and Rail will run on a Sunday/Holiday schedule on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day— both fall on Wednesday this year. This means that bus lines that do not operate on Sundays will not run on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day.

Additionally, some Metro Bus lines may be impacted by detours due to holiday events. Check out Metro’s Planned Service Advisories page to see if your line will be detouring and for detailed bus routes.

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  1. Cue all the “The fares should be free all night and trains should run all night on Christmas Eve as well” comments.

  2. Each of these discounts is a slap in the face to the regular pass holders who support Metro year round.

    I have nothing against offering free rides to most people on Christmas Eve or on New Year’s Eve. But as a pass holder, I receive no benefit from this discount, even though I pay the same taxes as our free passengers, plus the price of my pass. Persons who activate their 30 day passes in December should automatically have the length of their passes extended by 2 days. Or they should be able to display their activated pass to a pass outlet, and recenve a refund for the price of a few free trips.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s to most of the people at Metro. But not to the persons who continue to discriminate towards Metro’s most loyal supporters and riders.

    • Please don’t speak for the rest of us, because I don’t know what your talking about, but my $100 monthly pass pays for itself after 15-20 days depending on how much I drive (usually once a week. . . Usually). It’s called taking advantage.

      If you are only using the pass for a simple round trip, then yes it will take 28.5 days for the pass to pay for itself, but for someone who has to take 4 buses to get to their job, $100 is a steal compared to the $6-$7 price tag ONE WAY if I took on Uber. I’m also only including commuting to work, not actually when I use transit to go out, which can easily equate to $7-$12 in a day, $10-$25 in gas, and don’t even wanna imagine Uber.

      So basically what your saying is you want Metro to discount the pass by only $1.75 during the month of December?? As much as I hate Metro I can’t even justify lighting up a pitchfork for what is essentially pocket change. Just a thought!!

      I really wish LA county residents would stop being so cheap. I’ve been on transit systems that cost $7 one way just to commute 20 miles, and Metrolink is charging almost that much if not more for such a one way commute as well.

      Like I said before, everyone wants public transit in LA to improve, but yet only expect $1.75 to make it happen (it isn’t).

      • Metro is far from being in the poor house. They have plenty of money, and they know how to waste it quite well. Meanwhile – they are not providing efficient service. Decision makers should have to ride Metro.