Cesar Chavez Bus Improvements move forward: bus stop relocation begins December 20

Rendering of Cesar E. Chavez Bus Stop Improvements Project transit plaza.

The existing bus stop on eastbound Cesar E. Chavez Avenue at Vignes Street will be temporarily relocated across Vignes Street to the southwest corner of the intersection (the corner next to the tall Metro headquarters building) starting Friday, Dec. 20. The temporary bus stop is anticipated to remain until late Spring 2020. The following Metro bus lines will be affected: 68, 70, 71, 770, 78, 79, 378.

The bus stop is being temporarily relocated to make space for upcoming construction for the Cesar E. Chavez Bus Stop Improvements Project. Immediately east of Union Station, the highly used bus stop will be transformed into a new transit pavilion to improve the customer experience and strengthen connections to other modes of transit around the area.

The transit pavilion will provide improved shelter for riders, real time transit information, lighting, bicycle amenities, enhanced drought-tolerant landscaping and rainwater catchment. Construction is anticipated to start Dec. 20 and conclude in late Spring 2020. You can learn more about the project here.

3 replies

  1. I’m cheering the return of the bus stop back to its former location that doesn’t require us to run across the street. Unfortunately, the return is temporary.
    The former (or temporary) bus stop location was missing shelter from rain, but the tall building provided some shade and provided some much appreciated shelter from the wind on some nights.
    I agree with both comments above. It’s true the odd shapes look interesting but don’t work that well, as seen on the upper level of the El Monte bus station.

  2. Having the bus stops (temporarily) located at the southwest corner actually improves the customer experience and strengthens connections to other modes of transit at Union Station by eliminating the need for passengers to have to cross a street separating the station from the bus stops.

  3. Although the rendering appears to be very nice my experience with the MTA and their so called passenger improvements are in fact failures when compared to what was being replaced at the Pico/Rimpau Terminal as an example. These odd shapes covering the bus stop do little to protect passengers from the sun and the rain. Basics are being overlooked in favor of fluff.