Join us this Saturday for a Crenshaw/LAX Line bus service planning workshop

Metro will host a drop-in bus service planning workshop on Saturday, October 26, from 10 a.m. to noon. Join us to review and discuss the proposed bus route changes that will affect bus service in areas of Inglewood, Hawthorne, Lawndale and Lennox. Residents and transit riders are invited to discuss potential changes to Lines 40, 211, 212 and 215 as well as potential new bus routes. 

Please see the above presentation.

The workshop will be held at Lennox Public Library. Light refreshments will be provided. Please drop by, bring your transit-riding friends and give your input on the proposed changes. The proposed bus service changes are expected to begin when the new Crenshaw/LAX Line opens. Workshop Details:

Crenshaw/LAX Bus Planning Workshop
Saturday, October 26, 2019
10 a.m. to noon
Lennox Public Library
4359 Lennox Boulevard
Lennox, CA 90304

The Lennox Library can be reached via Line 40 and Line 212 (north). You can also take Metro’s Green Line to the Hawthorne/Lennox Station and walk 0.3 miles to the library. Comments and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. If you’d like to make suggestions regarding Metro bus service, you can also email your comments to We hope to see you at the workshop!

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    • is there any chance we will receive a simple and clear explanation soon about how the Green line will interface with the Crenshaw. For example-when will we find out how one will travel from Norwalk on the Green line and get off at the new Century/Aviation station. Months ago there were meetings and discussions of multiple plans but it remains unclear. Wouldn’t it be a great idea if a simple video or article would walk us through how it will actually work in just under 8 months or so? Will all the Norwalk westbound trains turn right at the curring Aviation/LAX station and continue on down to Century/Aviation and beyond, or will some continue straight to Redondo? Will you need to make a connection to get to Aviation/Century? How about coming from Aviation Century back to Norwalk. Will you hop on any train heading towards aviation/lax station and it turns left towards Norwalk–or will some trains turn right to Redondo? This might lead to less confusion when the system starts and allow us to start planning if we will need to take a bus still. Traditionally we have found out about changes in service-a week or two in advance if we are lucky.