Open House held for Little Tokyo/Arts District Joint Development

On October 17th Metro hosted an Open House to discuss transit-oriented development at the Little Tokyo/Arts District station for Metro’s Regional Connector project.

The Open House held Thursday.

In January 2019, Metro received development proposals for the site. After thorough evaluation, four development teams were chosen to advance in Metro’s Joint Development process. The open house was an opportunity for attendees to meet the four development teams, learn about their proposals, ask questions and provide feedback.

The event attracted over 200 attendees. The Open House presentation is available here.

Proposals are being evaluated based on the developers’ relevant experience, and their project concepts’ alignment with priorities detailed in the Little Tokyo/Arts District Station Joint Development Opportunity Overview

Following the open house and final evaluation of the development proposals, staff anticipates recommending the Metro Board authorize entering into an Exclusive Negotiation Agreement and Planning Document (ENA) in early 2020 with the highest scoring developer. Once an ENA is approved, the selected developer will be required to conduct community outreach to further refine the project concept.

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  1. Would be nice if the suburban strip mall style Staples building could be replaced with density.

  2. Doesn’t the WSAB (let’s just call it the W line) no longer have LAUS as an option? If that is true, why does the map show it?