New Metrolink schedule goes into effect Oct. 14

Metrolink will introduce new, updated schedules for the 91/Perris Valley, Orange County, IEOC, Riverside and San Bernardino lines on Monday, Oct. 14. The new schedules include weekend service for the first time on the 91/Perris Valley Line, as well as additional service for commuters traveling between Los Angeles and Orange County.

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  1. Weekend 91 service!? It’s finally that time to encourage the City of Perris to extend the OERM RoW into Downtown Perris.

  2. For those wondering about weekend service on the VC Line, if you don’t mind service up to Chatsworth only, talk to Metro. For actual service in Ventura County. . . Well, good luck with that. Last I heard they had no transpo tax so that would explain the already limited service on that line.

  3. Why,Isn’t Amtrak Pacific Surfliner available! Service is all day service. I bet if Metrolink would start on VC line,it would be very limited service. Not more than 2 trains a day.

    • I, too, pray for VC Line weekend service. But like Dave said, there’s no Transit Tax up there. There was an attempt in 2016, I think? But it lost with 56%, well below the 66% or 67% needed to pass. Also, Union Pacific owns the tracks north of Moorpark, and they’ve been a pain about allowing more passenger trains on their tracks, or even allowing Ventura or Santa Barbara to double track it.