Take the Clean Air Day pledge and give transit a try on Oct. 2

Metro is participating in California Clean Air Day and encouraging everyone to give transit a try on Wednesday, Oct. 2! Try Metro Bike Share for free with promo code 10219. Enter the code at any Metro Bike Share kiosk when checking out a bike for a 30-minute free ride.

This unified day of action will focus on the simple solutions each of us can do to improve air quality, including taking public transit, walking, or biking instead of driving solo. Transportation accounts for more than 41% of the emissions in California, and your personal transportation choices can make a big difference!

Take the pledge to help clear the air at CleanAirDay.org. When you take the pledge, you’ll receive more tips on how you can help improve local air quality (such as going to car-free events like CicLAvia, which is happening this Sunday!).

Many other local transit agencies are participating as well with fun activities, giveaways, and more! Check out the full list of events here.


Visit CleanAirDay.org for more more information on this statewide day of action.

3 replies

  1. My dash bus was free this morning so why not Metro? What you doing to get people on public transit? Rude drivers? No security on rail lines…Happy Clean Air Day

  2. Hello. Will these be available for purchase at select TVMs tomorrow? Or only available at the Expo/Bundy Event. What are the hours for the event at Expo/Bundy?

    • Hi,

      As far as we know, it will only be at Expo/Bundy beginning at 8 a.m. This is not a Metro hosted event, the event organizers will have more information. We provided TAP cards.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source