Metro conducts Thruvision passenger screening system demo at North Hollywood

Metro continues to rotate the Thruvision passive passenger screening system to augment our security presence on the Metro system. A demo was conducted today at North Hollywood Station.

Thruvision units can be placed at locations throughout the Metro system and are equipped with software that quickly and unobtrusively screens individuals for concealed threats. The units can identify both metallic and non-metallic objects.

The devices identify objects that block the naturally-occurring waves produced by a person’s body. When an object is hidden in clothing or strapped to a person, these waves are blocked and detected by the system’s software. The software generates generic avatars and creates either a black spot on the area of the body where the item is concealed or overlays a color indicator. The technology does not emit radiation of any kind and no anatomical details are displayed. The device allows law enforcement agents and Metro Security to screen rail and bus patrons without disrupting foot traffic and to take decisive, pre-emptive action if suspicious items are found. 

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3 replies

  1. I think they are required to announce them otherwise one could challenge it in court as unreasonable search and seizure.

  2. Tell the bad folks what technology you are using and where. Not a good idea. They can get on the train at a different stop. They can use measures to defeat it (it is not fool proof.) They can take things through that are not detected or in a manner that is not detected by this technology. Keeping an information advantage over any foe is an important tactic in law enforcement and war (Sun Tzu knew that).