Metro releases video of rail tours conducted for West Santa Ana Branch project

The West Santa Ana Branch Transit Corridor project team earlier this year provided six public tours of the Expo Line and Gold Line to show folks who live and work along the West Santa Ana Branch future route some of the many features of Metro’s light rail system. For those new to this blog, the West Santa Ana Branch project is a light rail line that will run between Artesia in southeastern Los Angeles County and downtown Los Angeles (see the map below).

The idea behind the tours was to show different elements of our light rail system, including station locations (both street level and aerial stations), the different types of street crossings (street level, bridges and underground), noise and vibration strategies (including sound walls), pedestrian and vehicular safety, grade crossing safety equipment, first and last mile access, transit-oriented development and communities and transfers to other transit lines.

Below is a packet that was given to those on the tours — including a project map. If you’re interested in this project or other Metro light rail projects, we encourage you to try our system and check out some of the features along the way. Here are maps and timetables for both the Expo Line and Gold Line. And here is info on Expo Line parking and Gold Line parking. And here’s a Metro system map.

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  1. Why was the Metro rep and where those on the tour carrying coffee cups at the station? Isn’t drinking forbidden on the train and at the stations? Lead by example or maybe change the stipulation such that: a container with a lid that allows for the beverage to be drunk without removing the lid is ok.