Metro Blue Line weeknight closures between Anaheim Street and Pacific Avenue set to begin Sept. 17

Weeknight rail service will be suspended between Anaheim St. and Pacific Ave. stations from Tuesday, Sept. 17 through Monday, Sep. 30 as beautification work takes place in the Long Beach area.

The work will be conducted every Monday through Thursday from 9 p.m. until the end of service. During the closure, Anaheim St., 5th St., 1st St., Downtown Long Beach and Pacific Ave. stations will be closed.

Bus shuttles will replace Blue Line service between Anaheim St. and Pacific Ave. Regular rail service will continue between Anaheim St. and Compton.

The beautification work will include light pole painting, LED light replacement, fence installation work and installing new train detectors.

Bus shuttle stops will be located at the following locations:

  • Anaheim Street Station: on Long Beach Blvd. at 12th St.
  • 5th Street Station: on Long Beach Blvd. at 6th St.
  • 1st Street Station: on Long Beach Blvd. at of 1st St.
  • Downtown Long Beach Station: on 1St St. at Pacific Ave.
  • Pacific Avenue Station: on Pacific Ave. at 5th St.

Finally, we realize this work can be an inconvenience and we want to thank you for your patience as Metro continues to upgrade the Blue Line.

4 replies

  1. Is Long Beach finally getting pedestrian train LED signs like the rest of the light rail network? That would be really nice.

  2. Gates at these stations could cost Metro more in the long-run by people braking the law, walking along the tracks to jump up on the platform. Then the suits come if they get injured or killed while doing this, the courts award big money to the law breakers since Metro created an unsafe situation.

  3. The line was closed for 6 mounts. This “beatfulcation” couldn’t have been done during the colusre?
    As for gates. Yes a large percentage of riders evade paying fairs. Not only that, many are homeless dirty and smelly who pee and poop on the cars and at stations. Others are joy riding and herrassing passengers. We spend a lot of money to buy this wonderful world class rail system to end up by being a motel for the homeless and vagerents. This drives away many to their cars who would prefer to take transit. Is what is needed is fair inspectors law enforcement officers who strongly enforce payment to ride. We also can not give out vouchers to people who will not use the lines for riding, not loitering.

  4. I thought since most of remodeling of the south section it’s already done, these activities would include installing turnstiles at the Stations. I don’t know how Metro works, they complain about funds, but they let everyone go for free as pleased at Long Beach, just believing in the good faith of the riders.