TAP Stretch wrist bands now available at Metro Customer Centers

Reloading your TAP Stretch.

Wear your fare! TAP has launched a new line of products called TAP wearables. These include the TAP Stretch wrist bands, which are available beginning today, as well as the TAP Flex wrist bands. Both can be purchased at all Metro Customer Centers.

TAP Stretch wrist bands are made of elastic fabric and are available in large and small sizes. TAP wearables function just like a regular TAP card — you can load Stored Value and passes onto them, and register them online at taptogo.net. TAP wearables can be used on any agency that accepts TAP.

Reload your TAP wearables online at taptogo.net, by calling 866.TAPTOGO, at over 450 TAP vendor locations and at all TAP vending machines.

TAP wearables are $10 plus the cost of fare and are only available at Metro Customer Centers. Quantities are limited. The TAP Mini keychain fob will be available for purchase later this Fall.

TAP Flex on bus.


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    • Hi Josh,

      We don’t have that info at this time. We should have more details as we get closer to the app launch.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  1. Please just implement the phone app.

    Isn’t one of the original purposes of TAP cards reducing waste? This kind of stuff is nothing more than satisfying the craving of geek chasing and fancy superficial appearance for millennial.

    • While a majority of them may be used by those you referenced, there will be others that find them useful. Those with hand issues (severe arthritis for example) could use these. Those with normally full hands returning from shopping. Those with children in tow that can hold a card because they have a child in each hand. These are just 3 examples that I can quickly think of. Fashion accessory? Largely. Very helpful to people already dealing with struggles? YES!

    • Hi,

      Yes, they expire within 7-10 years from date of manufacture.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  2. I bought the silicon wristband released earlier and it not longer works! I put $20 in stored value, and when I try to tap, the machine says to load fare!