Metro News Now, August 20

Art of DTLA: 


Things to listen to whilst transiting: I had no idea making and selling yogurt was so hard. The “How I Built This” podcast looks at the trials and tribulations of Stonyfield Yogurt.

Reminder: the Expo Line will continue running to Pico and 7th/Metro stations beginning with the start of service on Saturday. That will help those heading from DTLA to the Rams game on Saturday night and the big LAFC game against the Galaxy on Sunday night.


And in the news…

•Good reminder, via Curbed LA, that L.A. County has already seen warming temps in recent years and that trend could continue — despite this year’s milder summer. Want to do something to help reduce greenhouse gases? Try taking transit!

•In an editorial, the Downtown News says there are too many scooters on the streets of DTLA — and too many riders using sidewalks. Excerpt:

Scooters and e-bikes may prove to be a valuable component in the future of Downtown mobility. But that is the future — right now they are just a small part of the solution, and there are too many devices on local streets. It’s time to look at limiting the supply until the demand picks up.

The private scooter companies talk a good game about riders staying off sidewalks. But the reality is a little more messy.

•Hasan Minhaj tackles mass transit on his “Patriot Act” show. Warning: adult language so don’t watch if easily offended.

His thesis: transit can be a lifeline to all sorts of opportunities but there are a “number of forces” that want to keep transit down and folks driving. I thought the segment was funny but I don’t think blaming two people — influential as they may be at times — really explains the multitude of reasons why transit struggles in so many parts of America.

•Good and important story in the NYT about the dispute between California and President Trump over auto emissions. California wants to retain its ability to set its own emission standards as a way to reduce smog across the state and lower greenhouse gases that cause climate change. President Trump wants to ease those standards, arguing it will lead to lower car prices.


Attentive Source readers know that I like to play “name that lake on public lands” every so often — and we have some readers who are very good at getting it correct. Below are two pics of where I was yesterday.

Since there are many lakes in the California Sierra, I’ll offer up a couple clues: the lakes are in a wilderness area and can only be reached by foot or stock. And they are north of Mammoth Lakes. Good luck! Enter your guess in the comments section please.

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  1. The problem is not too many scooters. The problem is not giving people a safe place to use them. Protected bike/scooters lanes will solve this problem. Then, if people still insist on riding on sidewalks, ticket them and inform them they must use the correct lane and follow all traffic laws as if they were in a car.

  2. Really off topic (kind of), but is there a timeline when Apple Pay Express Transit will be supported on LA Metro?

  3. Since I won’t watch a video with rough language, I’ll respond to what you described. I don’t think of mass transit to get around in case I might have a car problem. The problem is LA is way too large to have a comprehensive mass transit system. Plus, the infrequency of service and safety is always a consideration as well as the awful payment system. I wish Metro will concentrate on where the problem resides. Put more resources within LA and less in the greater LA County area. Do the right thing to get people to use mass transit where parking is least available and congestion is the worst.

    Sorry, scooters do not belong on the streets because they are dangerous to both the drivers and the riders.