Temporary closure of Orange Line North Hollywood Station to start July 28

Metro plans to convert its entire fleet of buses to zero emission buses by 2030. The first phase of the transition will launch on the Orange Line with the deployment of battery electric buses. To accommodate the new buses, Metro will be installing bus charging stations at the Orange Line North Hollywood Station.

Due to construction activity, the west parking lot will be closed from Monday, July 22, through October 31. For alternative parking, use the north, south or east parking lots at North Hollywood Station that are accessible from Chandler Boulevard or Cumpston Street.

The Orange Line North Hollywood bus terminal will also be closed beginning Sunday, July 28, through Oct. 31. The pick up/drop off locations will be relocated to the following:

  • Board buses at northwest corner of Lankershim and Chandler.
  • Exit buses at southeast corner of Lankershim and Cumpston.

Red Line service at North Hollywood Station will not be affected.

The transition to electric buses will provide a cleaner, quieter fleet and significantly lower environmental impacts of Metro operations. This will help local air quality and result in fewer greenhouse gas emissions by agency vehicles.

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  1. Alternative route due to this is action is to take Warner Center Buses to Ventura Blvd / Topanga to Universal’s Station.
    This is always been a great backup when closers happen or disruption of services.
    Good Luck Everyone

    • Hi Neal,

      Both will be closed through October. The parking lot closure began today, and the bus station closure will start on Sunday.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  2. Is there a reason why inbound buses have to drop off people that far from the station area? Why can’t they dropoff in front of the station NB on Lankershim– with an existing bus stop present?