Fresh off the presses: Metro’s 2019 Innovation Portfolio

pdf here

Metro’s Office of Extraordinary Innovation recently published Metro’s 2019 Innovation Portfolio  – Transforming Ideas into Improvements.

The report highlights 17 innovative projects developed through the Unsolicited Proposal process and the people from around the agency that made them possible over the last three years. In addition to explaining the projects, the portfolio explores best practices in project delivery and how the UP process can be used to collaborate to solve problems. 

Projects in the report include:

•Aerial Rapid Transit – a privately funded aerial tram from Dodger Stadium to Union Station that is in the environmental study and planning phase. 

•Mobile Tolling – a test of technology that could be used to make ExpressLanes accessible using a smartphone application.

•MicroTransit Pilot Project – a project seeking to apply the best aspects of on-demand vehicles — easy to use, reliable, and fast) and the best aspects of buses (affordable, accessible and shared).

•Vehicle to Infrastructure Optimization – an internally submitted proposal for a pilot application designed to help buses catch more green lights on the Orange Line.

•Proofs of Concepts proposals for lane enforcement technologies, use of drones for data collection and improving real time arrival information.

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  1. Most of these items have already been solved by other U.S. transit departments. I’m not sure how any of this is “innovative”–let’s just copy what those other agencies have already done.