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In the first phase of Our Next LA, we have identified five broad categories that people would like to see for future transportation in Los Angeles County.

Let us know which category you think should take priority with our easy-to-use ranking tool.

If you don’t see your priorities, use the “fill-in-the-blank” tool to let us know what may be missing; choose your city and a description of what you want to see prioritized in L.A. County.

Your feedback will help shape the future of transportation and access in L.A. County. To find out more about the Metro Long Range Transportation Plan Update, visit OurNext.LA.

5 replies

  1. I haven’t experienced safety problems like other people have, though I’m primarily riding Red Line, Orange Line, and Expo Line.
    I would like there to be more regular trains (and this is partially related to safety but also convenience) – a 20-minute interval between trains at night is the difference between taking the train and not taking it.

  2. Safer trains. It’s too dangerous to be a normal commuter & ride the train. I’ve gotten off at an early stop in order to get away from harrassment. Then had to call someone to come get me & drive me to the correct train station to get my car. Yuk! Real savings, huh?!

  3. While my preference is for more bus routes and greater frequency of buses, I agree safer trains should also be a high priority I guess they all would be part of the “better transit” option?

  4. It’s clear metros biggest problem is safety and the main reason is lack fare inspections. All of the rif raf riding that is responsible for the violence, harassment, mentally ill outbursts and bodily fluids on the train have gone through because they know nobody checks. If they had to pay they would be elsewhere. I for one would never allow my mother, wife, sister, etc ride alone and I’m sure that goes for most. The reputation metro has earned keeps getting worse. Literally everyone other than fare evaders want this problem solved. How else do you expect to grow ridership its the #1 issue which can be solved