Metro to run longer, articulated buses on select Silver Line trips starting July 8

Due to New Blue Improvements Project closures, we’ve seen an increase in ridership on the Silver Line, particularly during evening commute hours. To accommodate riders, Metro will be running longer, articulated buses on select Silver Line trips during weekday PM peak hours beginning Monday, July 8 through the end of New Blue work.

As a reminder, Silver Line fare is $2.50. Additional TAP staff will be available at Flower and 7th in DTLA to assist with boarding.

We appreciate the feedback received during this major project and will continue to monitor and adjust service as needed. If you have questions, comments or concerns, please email

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  1. A lot of the overcrowding on the Silver Line could have been alleviated if the shuttle buses that run on the Harbor Freeway stopped at the Silver Line stations. It is frustrating to wait for a Silver Line bus while 2, sometimes 3 shuttle buses pass right by you on the freeway.

    Metro was very short-sighted when planning for closure of the Blue Line stations. They did not anticipate the Silver Line becoming so overcrowded because of the difference in fare. Metro needs to understand that people are going to do what whatever it takes to get to where they need to be.

    Metro should run the articulated buses during the morning rush hour in addition to the evening rush hour. (I have yet to see one of these buses.)

  2. We also need longer buses in the morning going westbound at El Monte Bus Station. Metro staff should come see how long the line goes every morning during rush hour. Also we need buses to “actually” run every 4 minutes according to their schedule in the morning rush.

  3. I rode the Silver yesterday evening where the Expo now ends, and it was not a slinky bus. The bus was wall to wall people and I had to stand until we got to 7th and Fig. Please Metro, do not pee in my ear and tell me it’s raining.

    • Hi Trevor,

      As the post states, only select trips will be running articulated buses. We’re running as many buses as we have available.

      Thank you,

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

      • Hey Anna, any possibility for the agency to at least be able to lease buses from nearby agencies during this matter? It’s obvious while purchasing new buses is kind of meaningless, at the very least leasing 25 buses for the duration of this delay would have been overall a better choice for this situation, or so it seems.

        • Hi,

          As far as I know that is not an option that’s been considered.

          Anna Chen
          Writer, The Source

  4. It’s about time!! I used to ride the Silver Line into downtown, and the buses were always packed!!! They should have permanent extended buses on the Silver Line to accomodate the extensive ridership.

  5. I rode the Silverline from DTLA to the Greenline ~3 years ago during the morning rush. It could have used longer busses or more frequent service then.

  6. Finally, finally. IDK why it took metro a long time to make this decision. Many Silver Line riders would love to see Metro operate articulated buses during weekday rush am and pm hours to alleviate overcrowding.

    • Because there aren’t enough Articulated Buses. Guess what? That Artic bus you probably rode on this morning, well guess what? Someone on the 754 had to ride cramped up on a 40ft bus as a result.

      Don’t forget Metro was actually trying to completely eliminate Articulated buses altogether and just have a bunch of 40ft’ers on the streets because somehow that would save money.

  7. The MTA has already stripped the Rapid Lines of their Red Articulated buses on many lines. The spare factor is not that large. What bus service is going to be affected with the lose of more buses? With priority given to both rail and Silver and Orange Line service local and Rapid service is bound to suffer service disruption due to lack of buses and operators.

  8. It is good to see some creative flexibility coming sooner rather than latter as issues arise.