Actions taken by the Metro Board of Directors at their June meeting

pdf here

The Metro Board of Directors held their meeting for June last week. Here’s a recording of the live-stream.

Among actions taken:

•The Board certified the Final Environmental Impact for the Link Union Station project, which aims to build new run-through tracks that will allow Metrolink and Amtrak trains to enter the station from the south (in addition to the current northern entrance) via a new rail bridge over the 101 freeway. That should speed up service and allow for more rail service options.

The project’s second phase — which needs funding — will also add a new expansive passenger concourse that would replace the current narrow pedestrian tunnel under the tracks. Here’s the staff report and a previous Source post.

The next step is the final design work. Here’s a presentation from an Open House held in early June (pdf here) on the project:

•The Board received this presentation on the Destination Crenshaw art project to be installed on Crenshaw Boulevard between 48th and 60th streets (pdf here):

•The Board adopted development guidelines for the old Division 6 bus facility in Venice that covers 3.12 acres. This is the site where the city of L.A. plans to build a temporary homeless shelter until Metro develops the site. Here’s the entire guidelines report and here’s an excerpt summarizing public feedback:

•The Board declared the Lone Hill to White double track project on Metrolink’s San Bernardino line categorically exempt from CEQA — meaning the project would not require conducting an extensive environment impact statement. The project would add a second track to 3.9 miles of Metrolink’s busiest route — which is 65 percent single track. The project should help reduce train congestion and delays. Staff report

•The Board adopted first/last mile plans for two projects: the Aviation/96th Station adjacent to LAX that will serve Crenshaw/LAX Line and Green Line trains and many bus lines, and; the Gold Line Extension to Claremont and Montclair. Staff report. The plans are here: Aviation/96th and Gold Line. Both plans outline projects and strategies that would make it easier to access stations. Here are a couple of excerpts from the Gold Line plan that give you an idea what these plans are about:

•The Board adopted a Transit to Parks Strategic Plan that outlines some strategies that Metro can use to improve access to parks and open spaces. Here’s a brief excerpt: