Preview of June’s Metro Board of Directors meeting

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The Metro Board of Directors will hold their regular monthly meeting at 9:30 a.m. this Thursday at Metro headquarters that is adjacent to Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. The meeting, as usual, is open to the public and will be live-streamed. A link will appear here shortly before the meeting begins.

Here are a few items that may interest the general public:

The item on the North San Fernando Valley Bus Rapid Transit project that was heard in Planning Committee has been pushed to September.

•The Board will consider adopting development guidelines for the old Division 6 bus facility in Venice that covers 3.12 acres. This is the site where the city of L.A. plans to build a temporary homeless shelter until Metro develops the site. Here’s the entire guidelines report and here’s an excerpt summarizing public feedback:

•The Board will consider certifying the Final Environmental Impact for the Link Union Station project, which aims to build new run-through tracks that will allow Metrolink and Amtrak trains to enter the station from the south (in addition to the current northern entrance) via a new rail bridge over the 101 freeway. The project’s second phase will also add a new expansive passenger concourse that would replace the current narrow pedestrian tunnel under the tracks. Here’s the staff report and a previous Source post.

•The Board will consider declaring the Lone Hill to White double track project on Metrolink’s San Bernardino line categorically exempt from CEQA — meaning the project would not require conducting an extensive environment impact statement. The project would add a second track to 3.9 miles of Metrolink’s busiest route — which is 65 percent single track. The project should help reduce train congestion and delays. Staff report

•The Board will consider adopting first/last mile plans for two projects: the Aviation/96th Station adjacent to LAX that will serve Crenshaw/LAX Line and Green Line trains and many bus lines, and; the Gold Line Extension to Claremont and Montclair. Staff report. The plans are here: Aviation/96th and Gold Line. Both plans outline projects and strategies that would make it easier to access stations. Here are a couple of excerpts from the Gold Line plan that give you an idea what these plans are about:


•The Board will consider adopting a Transit to Parks Strategic Plan that outlines some strategies that Metro can use to improve access to parks and open spaces. Here’s a brief excerpt:

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  1. Oh and by the way, one more item to note: certification of the FEIR for the Link Union Station project. Kind of a big deal. Includes new run-through tracks (over the 101 Freeway) and a new passenger concourse (to replace the existing narrow tunnel).

    It’s a multi-billion project, so it deserves at least a casual mention.

    • You are absolutely correct. My bad. Adding now.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

    • I’d say as far as saying THE MOST important project Metro has right now.