Service changes to go into effect Sunday, June 23

Every six months, Metro makes some service changes to accommodate ridership demands and improve connections between Metro Bus, Metro Rail and other transit services throughout the region. The following minor route/bus stop changes and service modifications will go into effect on Sunday, June 23.

14 – In the City of Beverly Hills, new stops will be added on Beverly Dr northbound at Dayton Way and southbound at Brighton Way.

37 & 38 – Construction has been completed on Grand Av next to Los Angeles Trade-Tech College (LATTC); Lines 37, 38, 55/355 and 603 services that are currently detoured on Hill St will return to Grand Av between Washington Bl and 23rd St and Adams Bl.

120 – Due to the New Blue Improvements Project, the Line 120 Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station bus stop has been relocated from the east side of the station to the west side to better connect with Metro services.

251 – All owl shortline trips ending at Broadway and Daly St will be extended to Figueroa St and Cypress Av. Late night trip frequencies will be improved from every 60 minutes to 40 minutes, from 10pm to 1am. After 1am, frequencies will continue to be every 60 minutes.

460 – Service has been improved in AM northbound direction between the hours of approximately 5:30 to 6:45am to reduce overcrowding. Buses will now operate every 16 minutes.

550 – A new stop has been added on Vermont Av at 36th St to provide improved access to the Los Angeles Coliseum.

910/950 Silver Line – Service levels to and from San Pedro will be increased during the AM and PM travel periods to reduce overcrowding. Service frequencies from San Pedro during the AM will be improved from 16 minutes to 12 minutes. Service frequencies to San Pedro during the PM will be improved from 20 minutes to 16 minutes.

A number of bus lines also had minor schedule adjustments.

Metro Rail is also making changes to the Gold Line that will help standardize train frequencies, improve on-time performance and provide three-car trains at peak hours. During peak hours, all Gold Line trains will be three cars instead of the current mix of two-car and three-car trains. Weekday peak hour frequency have trains running every eight minutes instead of the current every six.

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  1. apparently Metro has cut some services on 770, what about weekend schedule and what is the reasons to cut services on these Rapid routes?

  2. I agree, this was the least publicized schedule change in several years. The failure to clearly post new schedules a week in advance was the greatest flaw. In addition to the above comments the bus header signs informing riders of the upcoming change were also missing this time.

  3. LILIAN: You can call MTA Customer Service and have them mail you a schedule, but it will take a couple weeks. To get one now, go to the Customer Service office on the main floor of the 26-storey tower at the east end of Union Station. In the meantime, go online (, open up the Line 460 schedule, and take a screen-shot of both your “To Work” and “To Home” schedule pages, and print them out. (If you don’t know how to do screen-shots, just jot the info down on a piece of paper.)

  4. Wow these minor changes to other bus lines are really showing up with the 770 now running every 20 minutes on weekdays too. The Rapid branding used to mean a lot more than just red colored buses.

    • Looks like they also cut saturday service. Very sneaky of Metro to not publicize any of the service cuts.. Wonder what else has been cut.

  5. Where can i find the new schedule for Route 460? I take that route every morning to work from the Norwalk station and need to know the new times. thank you.

  6. Why no advance notice (on of specific changes in schedules at exact time-points–as in every prior semi-annual shake-up for at least a decade?