New video: the women working construction jobs on Metro projects

The need to build infrastructure and improve what we already have begs a couple of questions: how do we get more folks to work in the transportation industry? And how do we make sure jobs go to local residents, including women?

As the above video shows, Metro is helping by engaging and employing women in non-traditional careers — specifically, the construction industry via agency’s Project Labor Agreement and Construction Careers Policy. The video gives you the chance to hear from some of the women working right now on Metro projects.

“More and more women are being introduced to a world they may not have seen as a real possibility,” says Metro CEO Phil Washington. “We’re providing women the training and support they need to move beyond traditional careers.”

If you would like to join us or learn more about Metro’s Project Labor Agreement and Construction Careers Policy please visit or please call Metro PLA/CCP Hotline at 213-922-7279 or 888-887-3674.

Metro last month hosted over 100 women at “Women Build Metro Los Angeles (WBMLA), which is a pre-apprenticeship readiness fair. In other words, the event helps those interested learn about the different types of apprenticeships out there, the work involved and how to apply for those gigs. Metro is very grateful to the trades that came prepared to offer guidance to potential employees — the trades are vital to Metro’s success in building the future of L.A. County.

The number of women working on Metro infrastructure projects within construction careers is the highest in Los Angeles County. Metro is proud of this — and acknowledges there’s still more work to do. 

4 replies

  1. This video is inspiring, good job Metro and the workers building our future!

  2. Trades should be taught at vocational high schools. Regular high schools are failures that don’t even prepare youth for colleges.

  3. Applause for the great video and for highlighting the contributions women CONTINUE to make in infrastructure/construction.