Reminder: paid daily parking begins June 3 at Arcadia and Duarte stations on Gold Line

Metro’s paid parking program begins at Arcadia and Duarte stations on the Gold Line on Monday, June 3. The daily rate will be $3 for those with a TAP card.

You can pay at the kiosk (take a pic of your license plate number) or via the Metro Parking app in the Apple or Google Play stores. Use zone 309 for Arcadia and zone 312 for Duarte.

Each station will offer a monthly pass for $59 — but not right away. Metro is going to first analyze parking occupancy once the paid parking begins.

As the flier below notes, free parking will remain available at the large parking garage at Sierra Madre Villa Station in eastern Pasadena — use the Madre Street exit from the 210 freeway.

Metro has been implementing paid parking at its busier transit stations since spring 2017 in order to ensure there are always spaces for transit riders.


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  1. Metro will be their own worst enemy. They make millions upon millions. It’s never enough. You’re going to charge people to park in a structure, at the same time charging them for the metro that you promote as “budget friendly” and “less hassle”. Its far less hassle to just drive yourself, park in a structure at your own employer and not pay a double fee, deal with train delays, homeless on trains degrading the cleanliness and overall healthy environment of the ride, the list goes on… this is why public transit in California (specifically the major metro area of Los Angeles) is such an epic failure. Poorly thought out and very rarely budget friendly.

  2. At the Arcadia station, will it be possible to reload and/or add cash to a TAP card in a parking kiosk?

    • Hi,

      Parking kiosks cannot add fare to a TAP card. You would be able to do that at the station TAP vending machine.

      Thank you,

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  3. While the Metro Fan Boys are cheering about the new parking fees at Metro Rail stations, thousands of people like myself are upset that Metro is charging SGV commuters for parking. They claim that the money is going towards maintenance, but at the current moment the parking structures are still brand new. We don’t even know if Metro is actually using the 2.3 million dollars generated from parking fee towards maintenance. Suburban communities are left at a disadvantage because there is no way a commuter wants to ride from Downtown LA or Pasadena for 45-20 minutes and wait 30-60 minutes for bus ride that take 45-60 minutes. The San Gabriel Valley overwhelmingly supported Measures R and M, this one of those cases where Metro is so greedy that they lack any principles.

    • Typical entitled American. If they’re really that poor, they wouldn’t be able to afford own a car in the first place, so paid parking shouldn’t be an issue.

  4. Last week at the El Monte Station, I noticed that the parking kiosk asks whether one has a TAP card or not. What happens if one answers NO? Is the rate higher or is the transaction just rejected? It would not be in the spirit of things to allow non-TAP card holders to park at a higher rate.

    • What if I don’t have a TAP card when paying for daily parking?

      A valid TAP card is required to park in the parking facilities. Please purchase a reloadable TAP card to use on the transit system. Transit ridership verification is performed at the time of the parking transaction.