Service Updates on Metro’s Partnership with Via: zone expansions and free rides!

The service zones for Metro’s new pilot partnership with Via were expanded last week from the original six square miles to double or triple that — see the maps below. Via’s service, which launched in January, operates on-demand rides to and from Metro’s North Hollywood, El Monte, and Artesia stations.

And this: rides on Via are free and will be until at least July! Check out Via’s app to get more detailed information on the exact zone boundaries or call Via’s live customer care center at (619) 731-0710. For more information about the pilot, go to

•The North Hollywood service area has expanded to 13 square miles. Customers in the zone can now take a Via to Metrolink’s Burbank Airport – South station and Metrolink’s Burbank – Downtown station.

•The El Monte service area has expanded to 23 square miles and customers in the zone can now take a Via to Metrolink’s El Monte station as well as Metro’s El Monte station.

•The Artesia service area has expanded to 19 square miles and four additional Metro stations have been added (Avalon, Willowbrook/Rosa Parks, Long Beach Blvd. and Compton Stations). Customers in the zone can now take a Via to any of these Metro stations, allowing riders to connect from a Via to the Green Line or the Blue Line. 

4 replies

  1. That the areas for each area is significantly larger is good.
    But what is gained by providing free rides to _everyone_?
    Free for L.I.F.E. qualified folks is fine.
    But what is learned from free riders?
    People use free stuff? It is not like that will continue forever.
    And who is paying for this free stuff?
    I might try it because it is free, but it is something I would ever need or pay for.
    What gives?

  2. Great. Except most of North Hollywood is still excluded. Why are the borders at Burbank and Tujunga? I could live 4 miles away in Burbank and I’d be fine. But half a mile northwest of the station and it’s out of the zone. Ridiculous.

  3. Via totally helps me complete the “last mile” home of my commute from work in Brentwood to home in El Monte. Thank you Metro and Via for offering this valuable service. I’ve been using public transit for my work week since September and I am grateful I do not have to drive to work anymore.