Use one TAP card to pay your fare on 25 transit systems across L.A. County

A quick reminder: You can use Stored Value or an EZ transit pass on TAP to travel throughout Los Angeles County on any of the 25 TAP-participating transit systems.

Stored Value is like cash on your TAP card. The correct fare for each transit agency (agencies charge different fares) is deducted each time you tap and board. This makes TAP a convenient way to pay for fares across the county.

How to load Stored Value:

  • Online at
  • By calling 866.TAPTOGO (866.827.8646)
  • At over 450 TAP vendor locations
  • At TAP vending machines located at all Metro Rail, Orange Line and Silver Line stations, and at El Monte Station

For more information, call 866.TAPTOGO or visit

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13 replies

  1. Will senior TAP card holders get senior rates on the 25 TAP-participating transit systems?

    • Hi Pau;

      Not all of the TAP-enabled agencies offer Senior fares and it has always been up to each individual agency as to whether or not they accept reduced fares for Seniors.

      Having said that, the Senior TAP card is smart enough to know the fares on each individual agency. So if the agency does have a Senior fare available, then the Senior TAP card will recognize that and charge the appropriate reduced fare for that agency.

      One last thing that it is good to know: there are actually 3 different Senior ages that qualify on different systems. The following link has information on specific Senior ages that are recognized on the different systems:

      Hope that helps!

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. The big elephant in the room is why Metrolink and OCTA wont convert. I get that our neighbors to the county south of us aren’t too fond, but lets talk about proper infrastructure and the fare methods we would like to use without paying a premium. Its at least 7 dollars to get to OC, and if i’ve got 50 on my TAP, well, its useless. Its as if both agencies got together with whomever installed the fare collection equipment and said, lets make these NOT work together.

  3. Please introduce tap cards for children also. As transfers will cost less.

  4. Geee, I dunno, maybe some of us travel there frequently. There are only 300 flights daily.

  5. How about a weekly EZ transit pass? It would be a great thing for tourists like my relatives. Right now the EZ transit pass is only monthly.

  6. Why would an LA commuter care about BART or any other SF transit system? The two cities are 400 miles apart.

    • Because maybe I don’t want to buy yet another NFC Transit card. Literally both the OC, SD and LA Transit cards are the exact same tech yet if I wanna take a day trip to Anaheim, Oceanside or San Clemente I’m stuck with the physical Metrolink ticket to ride the buses. What kind of crap is that?? It’s not just about the commuter.

      • In the not too distant future you should be able to use your debit or credit card with the contactless symbol on it to pay for your fare on both the Clipper and the TAP networks. This is already happening in London where they use the same fare vendor equipment. Chase and American Express already issue Contactless Cards.

  7. Of course, it would be far too complicated for LA TAP cards to work with SF Bay Area Clipper machines, and vice versa. Everyone knows that this is much too complicated to even contemplate. Why, it would probably tale a computer program and the Internet, and maybe some sort of intergovernmental agreement. LA Metro is far too busy coordinating its trains to pull out just as the connecting bus passengers race to the platform.