May is Bike Month — and we’ve got free bike classes and community rides lined up!

Glendora group ride on Sunday.

If you’re looking for an excuse to dust off those handlebars and hit the pavement on two wheels, there’s no better time than during Bike Month! We’re hosting free bike classes and community rides across L.A. County throughout May. There are different levels of classes and rides and there’s something for everyone — whether you’re new to riding or an old hand at pushing those pedals.

A safety instructor teaches bicycle maneuvering skills on road course.

Classes are broken up into the following categories:

Bicycling 101: an introductory presentation for employers, organizations and groups who want a quick overview of bicycle basics and rules of the road. No actual bicycle riding. ?

Bike 1 – Back to Basics: this class covers bicycling basics and shows participants how to improve their bike control skills for travel or recreation. This is not a Learn to Ride class — participants should already know how to ride a bicycle.

Bike 2 – Rules of the Road: this class will help participants understand the rules of the road and transform their knowledge of how to ride a bike into practical skills to navigate city streets and use their bikes for everyday travel.

Bike 3 – Street Skills: this class will apply practical skills and critical thinking in a real-world setting, allowing riders to build on skills learned in the Bike 1 and Bike 2 classes.

Bike 4 – Flat Tire Clinic: learn and get hands-on experience on how to maintain your bike and fix a flat tire at a Metro Bike Hub.

Once you’ve brushed up on your bike skills, go for a spin on a community ride or at an Open Streets event! Both are great ways to experience bicycling in a safe environment. Select upcoming classes, group rides and Open Streets events are listed below. Please take this short screening quiz to determine which class is best suited for your skill level.

New classes and events are added regularly, check or sign up for our email list to receive updates.



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