Paid parking begins Monday at Hawthorne/Lennox Station; on deck are three Gold Line stations

Paid parking will be implemented at four Metro Rail stations over the next several weeks, including the Green Line’s Hawthorne/Lennox Station beginning Monday, April 15.

At the dates in the table below, paid parking will be added at three Gold Line stations: Indiana, Arcadia and Duarte. All stations will have the automated pay systems that are in use at other Metro pay parking lots. Riders will need a valid TAP card and either cash or credit card to pay. Parking kiosk locations are different for each facility but are generally located along pedestrian walkways.

You can also pay for parking online at or use the Metro parking app. The app is available in the iTunes store and the Google Play store. Click here to purchase monthly parking — the stations will be added to that page once paid parking begins.

Under a plan approved by the Metro Board of Directors, Metro has converted some of its busiest parking lots to pay lots. The reasons are two-fold: 1) the fee helps keep some parking spaces open throughout the day for transit riders, and; 2) the fees prevent parking spaces from being taken by people not using transit.

Free spaces remain in some parking lots on the Metro system, click here for the full list of free and paid parking.

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  1. Poor elderly retired people need free parking. Metro doesn’t care about the needs of our seniors.

  2. Have you guys worked with the City of Arcadia about this? They have a big lot behind the Post Office which is currently free and I bet a lot of commuters would move to that lot to save a few bucks.

  3. To encourage ridership on weekends, all parking should be free Saturdays, Sundays and major holidays. Look at BART for example.

  4. SHAME on you guys for doing this. Charging for parking is a total slap in the face to those who are trying to lessen their impact on the environment. All Metro cares about is $$$$, nothing else. Measure M wasn’t enough? You need even more? What do we get for all this nickel-and-diming? More security on trains? Better, more reliable service? Right. Didn’t think so.

    • Hi transitRider and other folks commenting;

      For what it’s worth, the parking fees are not a way to make money. The purpose here is to manage parking demand and to try to ensure that now and in the future there are parking spaces open for transit patrons — and that the lots/garages are well maintained and safe. That said, we will certainly forward comments here to the appropriate staff. Thank you,

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

      • “to ensure that now and in the future there are parking spaces open for transit patrons”…. as long as they can afford it.

    • No, lessening your impact on the environment would be working from home or riding a bike. Driving/parking has long been subsidized by taxpayers and it’s a good thing Metro is no longer doing that.

    • No, it’s been me, the taxpayer, whether I’m driving or riding the train that has been subsidizing both our parking spots at the train stations, which I’m sick and tired of doing. Pay for your own spot just as I pay for mine please.

      Unfortunately I’m still stuck subsidizing the fare, but hoping that’ll (partially) change after the regional connector is in operation.