Actions taken today by the Metro Board of Directors and New Blue update

agenda and pdf is also here

The Metro Board of Director’s meeting for March has concluded. A few items of interest:

•Metro provided a progress report for the New Blue project to modernize the Blue Line.

  • The New Blue Improvements Project is going very well. We want to thank the public for their patience as we make these critical improvements.
  • The Southern Segment will reopen on time on June 1. The second phase of the project — a closure of the Northern Segment for four months and a shorter closure of two Expo Line stations — will then begin.
  • Due to the complexity of the work involved, two stations on the Expo Line – Pico Station and 7th Street/Metro Center – will be closed for 60 days beginning in late June, not the 45 days as originally planned.
  • Metro will be providing multiple levels of shuttle service for both Blue Line and Expo Line customers during the closures.
  • Metro will be pushing news of the closures across multiple media platforms.
  • Please visit the New Blue website for all the details.

•Metro CEO Phil Washington said that Metro is expanding both its homelessness and mental health outreach on the Metro system while also adding more security and law enforcement personnel.

•The Board approved the names of the five stations that will be in L.A. County for the Foothill Gold Line Extension project. They are — drumroll — Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne/Fairplex, Pomona North and Claremont. San Bernardino officials will pick the name of the Montclair station. Staff report.

•The Board heard an update on the NextGen Bus Study to restructure Metro’s bus system and the New Blue project that is currently modernizing the Blue Line. This was a long discussion with Board Members asking questions, asking for more public outreach to ensure the new bus system is equitable and pushing for Metro and other municipal bus agencies to more closely coordinate future bus service. NextGen presentation

•The Board approved free Metro rides on Earth Day, which is Monday, April 22. Metro did this last year as a way to recognize that generally speaking taking transit instead of driving alone is a good way to cut down on smog and greenhouse gases. Staff report

•The Vermont Bus Rapid Transit item was withdrawn and will return to the Board at a later date.

•The I-210 Barrier Replacement Item will return to the Board in April due to conflicts of interest on the Board involving the contractor.

6 replies

  1. While we are fixing the barriers on the 210 Freeway for the Gold Line, why can’t we put up higher walls at Lake, Allen and Sierra Madre Villa and attempt some sound proofing at the same time ????

  2. It is absolutely terrible to see the extension of rail closure in DTLA area. I feel like Metro does not make any strong effort to minimize the impacts of the blue line modernization. According to Google Map, the rail between 7th Metro station to Washington Blvd is only 1.3 miles long. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO TAKE SO LONG TO REBUILD IT??? The south segment of the Blue Line which is currently closed, is about 12 miles long, and it only takes four months to rebuild. That is about 0.6 miles rate per week for 4 months closures. I don’t understand how Metro manage the projects but it definitely shows poor management on achieving rail improvements. Honestly if Metro really cares about their customers and services, the segment shared with the Expo Line should be completed within a month or less, considering this portion has significant ridership in both blue and expo line and should be working 24/7.

  3. More law enforcement visibility, 2-thumbs up. With the increasing number of homelessness that takes over bus benches to sleep, loiters around those that are waiting for buses/trains, we need more law enforcement visibility, not only at the stops but ON THE TRAINS as well.

  4. I still cant believe there will not be at stop at Lone Hill and Auto Center Drive in Glendora…probably the most congested part of Glendora. (where the WalMart is)

    • I agree with you 100%. I submitted this request at every meeting and written opportunity. At least there is a bridge at this location, too bad they can’t design the bridge to come back later and make a station.